Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Who is this girl
Laughing with ease
Her heart mended
Her heart believes
In fairytales
And ever-after
Over the moon
Beneath the stars
She’s whole again
This is her song
A time of Peace
And blissful joy
Fill her with light
Shedding her past
An old winter coat
When the spring falls
Grey turns to blue
A butterfly emerges
Her dormant heart resurges
Iron strong and true


Monday, July 30, 2018

Spirit Chaser

Spirit chaser
Christened harvest
Pine for lost souls
This wanderer
Always searching
Story untold

Lithe her body
Droplets of rain
Tiny kisses
Hidden her shame
Desperate need
Broken wishes

Mourning after
Fake redemption
His Kingdom come
Felled in disgrace
Regrets whispered
Forever done

Lonely willows
Gnarled, aged boughs
Seeds of freedom
Lift with the winds
New life from sin
She greets the Sun

Blessed the Risen
Run with Glory
Angel embrace
My devil heart
Filled with your light
Bent knee I pray


For you men have lied

For you men have lied
Sold false in daylight
Bargained with truthful gifts
Spent my soul again

Lift me Sister
Your treasure gold
Caring heart
Pure of soul

Led to my demise
The hurt in your eyes
Never you realized
This girl circumsized

Weep in my arms
Thine tears untold
Your heart broken
Surely my own

Foolish the man child
Warrant for release
Beg my forgiveness
Stupid on her knees

Giver of truths
In heathens
Girl without roots


Buckle my shoe

You told me i was pretty
I wanted hard to believe
Caught in the middle
Of something beyond me
Good grades and no cocaine
Job, car and picket fence
This girl. Her world. Fuckin test
Well you know the rest
Out of school, ain't no fool
No man to keep her
This sheepless wonder
Still she plunders and falls
Priceless her addiction
Innocent contemplation
We're all playing this game
This life is insane
Who the fuck am i
Answer my question
Seriously divide
My truth and reality
Buckle my shoe
Shut the door
I am make believe
What i see is more
Than what meets the eye
Ravaged lies
She will die
No more
Abate my choice
Rejoice in sorrow
Sad girl rises
She defies
And survives
Against all odds


Steel Blade

Held down to ground
Steel blade pressed skin
Gloved hand cover me
Eyes wide
My blood flows free
Past mistakes
I’m fading
Broken glass
On my knees
Get off of me
Fragments my life
Carry me
Higher peace
My body weeps
I am empty
I mean nothing
A piece of trash
A piece of ass
Carcass. Skin me
Under siege
I can’t breathe
Living grave
Bury me


Tell me I am pretty

And for the record simply a perspective piece...

Tell me I am pretty
That I’m the only one
We all need somebody
And I need someone
Never fitting in
Do you see me there?
Standing all alone
Lost in a crowd
Feeling unloved
Always wishing
Wanting, dreaming
Simply needing
For to belong
You smiled at me
Made me feel good
And held me closely
Like you understood
Though you never stayed
Always on the go
Leaving me cash
My body sold
Lots of men love me
I’m in high demand
Mama’s little girl
Finding love at last


Who Understands

Who understands
The shattered glass
The angry man
Who can explain
Innate hatred
Against mankind
There is no sense
In senseless pain
From all of this
We learn nothing
Building bridges
To distance fears
Can someone please
Answer to this
Why this young girl
Never survived
I wonder if
She even knew
A world of hope
Has died with her
Ain’t no reason
You can offer
Ain’t no justice
Simple treason
Who understands
Tell me would you
Where hate comes from



I'm sad
All cost
Give me
Begin to
Heart please
Ask if you
Decide to
Take to
Next level
Damn girl
Fly girl
All you want
You got this
Where do we
Go from here
Move along
Sing this song
Ain't no right
Ain't no wrong
Damn girl
On your own


I am broken

I am broken
I feel too much
I overthink
Weep too often
Wonder aloud
Battle weary
Self-loathe and pity
I languish
I wallow
I ask questions
Demand answers
Hate everything
Love everyone
Hurt easily
Need to be hugged
Want to be loved
It is no wonder
I am broken


Wooden Floor

Wooden floor
Easy chair
A mirror
Showing face
All you do
Back to you
Wishes I
Things I need
Things I see
May not be
Still I look
And I preen
Pretty girl
Gentle smile
Cannot see
What’s behind
In the dark
Hidden strife
My cover
My lover
All of me
Not only
What you see
The fringe
What I breathe
Delivers me
From evil
Born of seed
Presenting and
Lonely girl
Under seige


Who Are You?

Who are you?
You pretend
Bat your eyes
You fill me
With your lies
Your pretense
Is bullshit
Will you please
Just come clean
Say what you mean
You want in
You want out
New girl high
You have doubts
Faded love
Fills the night
Dearest love
You are done
Still you’re here
You want out
Fuck you dude
Show courage
Give me truth
You’re ruthless
Playing house
Not a game
Carrying your
Baby and
Your last name
Stand up, shout
Hey I’m done
Shed our tears
Say goodbye
Damn you
We’re through
Exception is
Your deception
My horizon
I’m surviving
Us without you



Fight this
In bullshit
Lonely game
Ain’t playing
My insane
Your crazy
Cmon girl
Damn fine
My precious
Fly am I
What is next
Present and
Resent His
Widow’s child
This savage
Heart of mine
I am not
Feeling fine


I ain't staying

I ain’t staying
Just passing through
Places to go
And things to do
Friends that I miss
I must go now
My goodbye kiss
And take my hand
A whole new world
Beyond this land
Upon my grave
My darling girl
I’m on my way

People to meet
Please hold your tears
A single rose

I despise

I despise
All your lies
Tears I cry
I'm insane
Crushing pain
Waiting game
Question my sane
Wake up my pain
Fuck you again
I am missing
Wishing, wanting
To feel again
Clear my
Mind benign
Damn girl dying
Damn you, his lies


Experience Tree

Swoon lilting heather
Fallen your beauty
Lay rested i near
Sings the babbling brook
Fire brings the Sun
Troubled stones gather
Into my lithe arms
For to carry you
Swelter my darling
Christened crystal light
Seek redemption dear
Find peace in this night


Let me show you

Let me show you
Do you believe
When I hold you
Weak in the knees
I am falling
More in love dear
The lighted Sun
Time standing still
Let me kiss you
Neath cobalt sky
Feather touches
Fuel this fire
Tender heart strings
Soulful our song
Forever flight
Wings of a dove
Let me take you
Heavenly heights
Soaring inside
Passionate nights
Sweet is the gift
A story true
Beautiful girl
You are my world

Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe tomorrow
The Sun will bring hope
Fallen stars will rise
Tears on my pillow
Will slumber in wait
And my heart will smile

These shadows hunger
Prey, my battered mind
Fragile moon beckons
Lonely and depraved
Filtered light streaming
The cusp of daylight

Morning dawns a garden
Fresh kissed is the dew
Perfumed petals sing
Glory to His word
Trouble is reborn
Broken she is home

Maybe tomorrow
Less my pain will scream
I will find laughter
Nightmares fall asleep
Small wonders keep me
Free to live again


Am I

Am I imaginary
Was i ever here at all
Everything that i see
Simply made of make-believe
Perhaps all those tears I cried
Both of sorrow and of joy
Painted pictures not windows
Within my dementiad mind
And did i ever matter
Did someone hold me close
Or whisper sweet-nothings
Tell me "I can't live without"
Am I more than a woman
In a world of misery
Was i ever here at all
Existing only in dreams




your memory fading
my tears no longer fall
the ache dissipating
no hope remains at all

your little girl all grown
a woman she’s become
this widowed child alone
all hurt inside has gone

I’ve learned to forget you
and how to let you go
fixing what was broken
when you left long ago

my heart has stopped aching
happy replaces blue
once you really mattered
in my world without you


Friday, July 20, 2018

Guitar Strings

I’m grieving
Your leaving
In us anymore
Guitar strings
My heart sings
Giving me
No reason
A sad song
Right to wrong
I’m crying
Over you
Write it down
Sing it loud
Every word
Is my truth
Our yesterday
Separate ways
You moved on
Still I linger
Big Country Star
Playing in bars
Soulful about you
Sing awhile
Crowd goes wild
Belting out my tunes
Seems to you
Few simple words
This girl’s heart is blue
Broken once
Promises none
Winter weeps for June
I write it down
New girl in town
Singing just for you



Dear Lord heed
Hear this voice
I am empty
And still I need
This woman
In my life
And so beautiful
My darling girl
Is our whole world
Take extra care
Send your prayers
One of a kind
This Aunt of mine
Cannot beat
Precious be
You and me
Dear Elaine
This fame game
Using your name
Plant a seed
Pulpit bleeds
Life stemmed
Forever dimmed
Tonight I stop
At all cost
Tell you no
She can’t go
Not her time
Wings delayed
Keep her home

Sin City

Fuck this shit
Never loved you
Done. We are through
Get over it
It was sex
That is it
Still you try
Like vine
You climb
Girl it was fun
You ain't the one
Step down
Fuckin clown
Settle your
Mettle for
New boy in town
Satiate my
Free loving
Where I'm at
Clever girl
Sin city
Not your world
Pretty penny
Moving on

I am unwanted

I am unwanted
My face has no claim
Take my body please
Jackhammer til done
Paste a pretty smile
Whose heart did you win
My mind is broken
All of me is fuel
Press against me hard
Take me til I scream
Shout my name darling
I want you to scream
Hold my hands in yours
Take me God again
Rise my hips to you
Yours until the end

If Ever

If when I leave
That time will come
I wish you to
Remember all
That we have done
Relish every
Memory, for each
Tells our story
Our first kiss neath
The copper beech
Look not back in
Pain or sorrow
This love we shared
A gift that we
Always treasure
If ever I
Must leave your side
Pale moon yonder
Watches over
My darling bride

I Refuse

I refuse to be broken
All of me is part of you
Everything connected
In everything we do
A part of something bigger
There is magic in our truth
One is a lonely number
Together we create two
These games
You’re playing
Wanting to
Matter too
Instead you
Can’t bother
Soul crushing
Broken us
Like garbage
I refuse to be broken
Separated into two
Less, my strength now weakened
To lonely I do return
Unraveled wisteria
Fallen angel begins new
Darling you have forsaken
Mightily steadfast her root
His demons
Found freedom
No longer
Do linger
Me from Evil
Unchained mercy
Laying Grace
Past mistakes
New glory
My story

Steel Rails

Steel rails catching fire
Dancing madness
Fragmented mind
Peering unseeing
Cinder block windows
Fallen stars weep
Loneliness cries
Empty are her eyes
Wading in blackness
Deep waters churn
Solemn figure
Broken and unsure
Swollen tides take me
Dousing these flames
Demons be damned
My watery grave

Fitted Jigsaw Pieces

Hey there, can we please talk?
I have something to say
A few moments of time
Before you’re on your way
Ever was there ever
Maybe perhaps you
Actually loved me
Were the words spilled from
Your lips ever true
The way you held me
Did your heart skip too?
If I may borrow a
Few moments of time
Do you remember
Your hand holding mine
Lost those who are buried
In remnants of time
Still is the fledgling
Heart turned on a dime
Doing time
Odds defied
Love denied
Selling dreams
Fitted jigsaw pieces
Nothing in its place
This game we all play
Pining for your grace


Fresh My Pain

Sweet mossy hues shade the wood
Marshmallow clouds trimmed in blue
Weathered limbs sweeping the floor
Speckled birds escape in flight
Tumbling brooks lazily flow
Rambling vines carry me home
Granite rock face sheltered Sun
Gentle winds caress my soul
Pixie dust floats floral breeze
Perfumed wood it comforts me
Winding paths through hooded copse
Nature’s beast shall not tamed
Thunderous rain
Shelter me
Fresh my pain
Set me free

Clouds and Whispers

Do you see me
In front of you
My every breath
Clouds and whispers
Look at me
I am right here

Plunge Me

I have this voice
No one can hear
Whispers to me
Things I can’t bear
Pushes at me
Tells me things
Will make you cringe
This noise I hear
Makes me scream
Sleepless I can
No longer fight
I close my eyes
Every night
They take me to
Where I can’t hide
Laughing, teasing
Darkness inside
Tiny voices
Plunge me into
Crazy excess
Filtered madness
Final abyss
Deaths final kiss
Sleep now darling
The morrow brings
Your resting place


roosts in consideration
atop a wooden post
tiny angel wings
built of love and hope
pondering existential
waxing poetic dreams
precious moments spent
counting crows and sheep
pixie dust wishes whooshing
silently through the trees
like whispered kisses
lifted with the breeze
caramel muddy waters
meandering they wind
through grassy hilltops
gently passing time
a crimson sun horizon
as day bids us goodnight
rise plumes of heather
quieting the light

My Dear Everything

Singular this heart
Freedom overlaid
Wanting joy in things
Naught the pain it brings
Chalk red brick crumble
Clay shattered pieces
Wishful for tokens
My voice unspoken
Guess my future please
Tell me a story
I am but a girl
Want for new world
Share with me your song
Young your voice and heart
Kissed lips I wonder
I feel your thunder
Shattered glass erupts
Wanton my life’s quest
Shout from the rafters
My ever-after
Dear girl do you see
All you mean to me
This quest that I bring
My dear everything

Tell Me You Ain't

I am not stupid
This game that you play
Makes no difference
Mistakes that are made
You tell me you ain’t
What you need to be
You tell me you don’t
And never loved me
Still I do follow
Tail between my legs
This boy blue
Is coming
After you
I want a courtship
A slow dance and kiss
Your arms around me
Memories of this
A sweet, gentle boy
Who truly does care
Moonbeams and kisses
Not just someone’s toy
Pretty girl
You are mine
My whole world
All of this pretence
Bullshit alibis
Until tomorrow
Girl you are mine

Rose Neath

Rose neath the setting Sun
Festered in waters deep
Shallow lifts fettered moon
Hide the crimson season
Sacred are those who weep
Felled sheep and high mountains
Whispered crazy who seek
Their voice is unspoken
Kissed lips in molten ice
Gentle those words unsaid
Spare sanity of choice
Choose her. Let her be dead
In this earth molten ground
Lay her soul never found
Crept with winds higher ground
Settled hope girl unloved

Friday, July 13, 2018

Im Country

©2018 By Tissy Taylor
Music by Barney Cissell
All rights reserved

I love to drink whiskey
I love trains and guitars
I love loose women
Old dogs and old cars
I love country music
Ol' Patsy and Cash
Seems God takes the good ones
Way too damn fast

This country boy's heaven
Wild and free
Blue skies and wheat fields
Where I long to be
Blue jeans and fiddles
And old songs we know...
Campfire riddles
From long long ago
Here in my heart
I am free
And I'm country

Wide brim Stetson
Low cut t-shirts
Blue steel strings
A country girl's flirt

Mom's apple pie
And rodeo clowns
A good Texas waltz
When I'm feelin' down


Moonlight hayrides………..(spoken)
Skinny dippin'
Watchin' the sunrise
Stolen kisses
Cowboy movies
In black and white
And once in a while
A good bar room fight


I'm free
I'm country

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Millions we are, milling about
Muffled voices silenced shouts
No one is here, we are alone
Desperately seeking to connect 
Feeling as though we are unplugged
Knowing we haven't mattered yet
Take his message, poor beginner 
False pulpits to lift the sinner
Cry my darling for all you lost
Spare nothing in arms, we bear cross
Spread his testament and glory 
Gilded wings let spin his story
The sleepless never rest at night
Undo my shame heavy regret
Bury my soul unattended 
Great my burden my life ended


Monday, July 9, 2018

Sinners and Heathens

Forever I’m riding
This train track to heaven
The boxcar is full
Of sinners and heathens
My old memories
Like coal fires burning
Yesterday is over
Tomorrow ain’t coming
Will you bring me your Peace
Troubled waters run deep
A lifetime of running
I want only to sleep
Let rest my tired eyes
And weep my weary soul
I beg for forgiveness
Til mercy brings me home


Monday, July 2, 2018


For me the Sun rises
Laying dusk down to sleep
Mourn the unawaken
Soulful lift to the sky
Unleavened legacy
Weighted who do survive
Sinners proclaim a faith
Building caskets from lies
Knowing I have a place
Still I breathe my regrets
Unafraid, weary l
Stumbled fall from His Grace
Whispered final goodnight
Soon they will call my name
Wrested I from this life

Pushing Lead

Pushing lead
Use me
Toss me
Break free
These chains
Are wound
Untie me
Your kisses
Atrocious is
Your precocious
We are through
Never were
Still I may
Drunken pray
Just to be
Once more
Your girl
Still I
Am shy
I fight
My cries
Dim lights
Lost might
I sever
This life
A knife
Plunging deep
Now I sleep
Mother weeps
Gentle Lord
Please take me
To happy
Goodbye sad
Left behind
Welcome me

Naked I

Naked I
Wonder if
You see me
Adrift wishing
I was dreaming 
Only wanting
Is this love?
On my knees
Feelings got
Me reeling
Girl I'm dying
No denying
No expiring
My love for you
Forever true
But do you
Love me too?
Am I enough
Or too much truth
Tell me righteous
I excite ya?
This anticipated
Is it overrated
Kiss me
Feel me
Give me
More than
You do
I'm blue
And need
All of you
Naked I
Wonder if
You see me at all?

Weep Sister

Weep sister for I sleep
Wrinkled waters keep me
Buried in garland wreaths
Swathed in satin effigy
Mere figure repenting
Hell bent on forgiving
Sad girl who once mattered
You pray at my coffin
Kneeling in pretense
Your tears falling heavy
False speak to what you pray
Speak your peace my darling
Ever-after seeking
Forever reeling
Contemplating this life
Relentless I must ask
With reed take me to task
Master of prophecy
Please God promise me
Take her will you for me
Free from this pain she feels
Wanton for what we need
Comfort. Stop foolish greed
Take me to the altar
No false idols be claimed
Your name spoken in truth
Forsaken one
Thy will be done
If she must die
Her will denied
Sister, Sister
Elusive star
Darling wonder
Impure, wanting
Only to breathe
My baby girl

We must have freedom

We must have freedom
Else we have nothing
For we are only
Our hopes and dreams
Of a life given
It demands of me
All that I cherish
All I do believe
Thoughts and ideas
Everything unique
Inspires a fire
Deep inside of me
Truth satisfying
Honesty so pure
This raw emotion
Pushing desire
Dare you soar the skies
Swim the deepest sea
Remember this life
And what it can mean
Should you want dissent
Feel the need to breathe
Fall back to your head
Baby you can see
Every word said
Pulpit or diary
Claim your voice sister
And be who you need
Falsify the cog
The repetitive
Or call to glory
Proclaim not the flag
Or ordinary
Be you, all of you
Speak. Stand up and fight
Naught be in your way
No man is honest
But truth be his word
Take naught for granted
Become your own truth
We must have freedom
Else what have we got?

Did you hear?

Someone died
I’m broken
Deep inside
Long ago
Tell me now
How to feel
And let go
All I know
What I feel
Memories of
A past gone
Maybe I
Wonder why
What’s the point
Let it ride
Maybe if
Something changed
This girl’s life
Maybe good
All we do
Matter true
A choice is
A choice made
Don’t ever
Please regret
A single
Wish made is
A voice we
Speak and a
Choice too in
What we do
Listen up
And be you
Always be
Always you
Little girl
All grown up
I know you
Give a fuck
Say goodnight
To your love
A new day
Let us pray
A new start
Canvas art
Paint me true
My girl is
Over and
About you


In a box upon a stand
Adorned in satin and lace
Gentle lay she with stilled breath
With no one to hold her hand
Whisper white trimmed in roses
Perfume their fragrant scent
Eternally lifted soul
My dear who forever rests
Plunge deep my sorrowful heart
Ravage filled my tired life
Glory are her memories
That do fill my weary mind
I look perhaps she teases
Asleep in deepest slumber
For soon her eyes will open
And I take her hand in mine
Fraught the gate of yesterday
Her echoes of long ago
Regret for the discarded
A castle empty of love
I retreat to pastures green
Of lilies and roses sweet
Innocence longed and received
This bereft reminiscing
Sweet Jesus please take me
To where you and I always
Breathe deep our ever-after
Intact beloved family

Kingdom Come

The ruse of his kingdom
Blanket me in false hope
Gilded in sheeps clothing
Feeding bread to the hungry
And blood to the wicked
Promising divinity
Deliverance unchartered
Masking in hymnal Grace
Moans of the prophet
Give birth to promiseland
Long enduring fairytale
Still we are heathens
Wanting our gold
If I pray for forgiveness
Should I repent my sins
Dare I falsify intentions
Your heaven lets me in
Trading marbles in favor
A King trumps his Queen
Whisper to the man in cloth
He too is simply plain
Rubies to highest bidder
Plentiful his bounty
Pauper girl barren
Of debt and knowledge
Share this fragmented sin
I raise my hand with yours
Voices entwined
Dear lost sheep
I am found
In Glory
In Hope
If you believe
Or if you don't


I wonder
What it takes
Nothing is
Nothing at
All the same
And you who
Thought death would
Mean something
Other than
What it was
We hugged and
We forget
We move on
And we do
Tears I cried
Tears labored
This woman
Who meant the
World to so
Many is
Dust, nothing
But dust. Do
You hear me?
In the ground
Lest I try
To push my,
Hands frail to
The heavy soil
Weighted in
I cry but
You don’t hear
I wish you
Would just try
I did not
Want to go
I left you
Behind I
Left my soul
With loved ones
I now sleep
My heart has
Never will
Those for whom
I still weep
Daughter please
Kiss me and
Hold my hand
Say my name
Don’t be sad
Your dad went
Before me
Now I go
Love me and
Don’t forget
Live in me
Breathe for me
Always I
Will be my,
Mother’s daughter
Your Mother
Your Wife
Your Friend
Your Lover
Gentle and kind
Dear God, take
Me to your
Heaven in
The sky please
Let me please
Take this ride

We Danced

Love's forever gone
Who forgets my name
Pretend I wasn’t
I have a mom
I had a dad
I am not convinced
If I did matter
Or simply just was
You liked my eyes
You loved my voice
You stole my heart
We danced
I loved you truly
With all of my heart
Perhaps unruly
Your word was my truth
I want to dance with
You all night long
I want to hear you
Sing your song girl
But I am tired
And I am weary
I wonder if I
Am truly ready
To bow my head and
Go to sleep my dear
Twinkle little star
Do you see this girl?
She is her own star
She shines and shines so
Bright. Like a fire
Engine fired up
No one sees her and
No one cares. This girl
Forgotten. I’m sure


I had an epiphany
Jesus jumped up into me
Getting righteous you see
Singing Lord and Glory be
Hallelujah my sweet girl
Spin baby, this is your world
Dropping coins, the sinners plate
Collection time, ain’t too late
Spread His word bible thumper
Spare a nickel please brother?
Wooden box I do confess
To the man in robes profess
All my regret and my wrong
Pray to the beads, make me strong
Flying high my snow-white dove
In the Angel’s Graces climb
Seeking truth crossing over
Finding what I am after
PEACE for this weary old soul
LIFE starting over with you
His Kingdom please come take me
From here and now forsaken
For never shall you break me
Gentle Heaven is waiting

and the truth hides

Kept by the past
Tangled vines keep me 
And the truth hides
Plagued by derision
Buried deep inside
Whispers of normal
Shining youthful face
Tainted each perhaps,
Suffering his hope
And the truth hides
Callous is the thief of time
Born of yesterday
Making steps of stone
Scattered regret
Like heavy moss lingers
Echoes of divinity
Bring all that you can carry
Wary soul who travels light
Ghosts of past lives crowding
Halting your every breath
Misting the night
This mirror has seen my truth
Looking back at me
In plain sight
Decorated injustice
Giving power from our knees
And the truth hides

Shorts - Rock-a-bye and Desire

Rock-a-bye baby
In your mama's arms
Sing a sad lullaby
For still you were born
Release me mama
Hush hush don't you cry
With Angels in heaven
Forever I fly
If I close my eyes
Let your touch linger
Fire breathes beneath
the cinder
Memory of your kiss
Searing golden skin
I welcome you in
Glory is your seed
Deep inside of me
Filling all my needs

All This Fuss

Evict me
Tell me how
To think
To be
That ain’t free
Judge me
Am I too white
Or too needy
Set fire my expectations
Ration my patience
Here for the duration
Stop the celebration
Take a seat
Let’s discuss
All this fuss
Getting us nowhere
Life is never fair
Why so complicated
Vanity overrated
This life of mine
Only makes sense
White picket fence
Living the dream
Riches obscene
Living extreme
In our voices
Of our choices
Putting food on my table
Thankful that I am able
To go barefoot should I choose
Fashion victim in spiked heels
Not the sucker without shoes
When did we become so cruel?
It’s all bullshit
Get over it
Get over you
Look over your shoulder
The giant boulder
Carried on your back
Make a choice
To rejoice
And lighten your pack
Depraved indifference
Plight of real victims
A societal witch-hunt
Fake news weeps from bloody stones
Still we do throw
Stones of our own
Be genuine
Not plasticine
Molded truth
Let spill forth
Crowd of fools
Gospel spun in kind
Fairytales and rhymes
Our world is dying
Morality kneels in prayer
To what God does she whisper

Wild Daughter

Point of view
All I do
Void of you
Broken I
Want to try
Wish denied
New world this
Girl denied
Kiss me white girl
Touch me, please me
Wanting freedom
Young heart
Depth of me
Depth of you
Love me
Leave me
Kiss me twice
Darling child
I'm not nice
Touch me
Please me
Set me free
Wild daughter
Never shall I
Be what
I should
Want to
Be else i

Happy Now

I'm pretty certain
Behind this curtain
Mask of deception
Someone who is lost
A part of her world
Exploded, unfurled
Still she will pretend
That she is ok
A part of her gone
Won't someone please care
In the end her friends
Were not really there
A world built on sighs
Cobweb trails at night
Glisten neath the stars
My poor orphaned child
With your soul so wild
Escape from the knife
Pills and betrayal
This daughter of mine
Still whom I deny
Never did matter
Cursed in belief
So trusting is she
Your love it swept
Naive off her feet
Take the mic she stands
Bearing all she has
No tears she does cry
A moment in time
Listen won't you please
To my words, my plea
Lost girl on her knees
For who really cares
Will know she's not there
The Angels rejoice
You left her no choice
She is happy now

Fed Up

I'm fed up
Had enough
All you did
Or didn't
Made me feel
So excluded
And distant
Never felt
Part of it
All your words
Simply that
Meant nothing
Falling flat
Who's treasure
Was I?
Quietly seeking
And desperately
A few drops of time
Your hand held in mine
Letting me know
I'm not alone
People alive
For me have died
Thine eyes have cried
Done with trying
Take this pen
Strike the page
Ink and rage
Beautiful girl
They cannot judge
You are enough
Stay and be free
Be who you need
Let the beast sleep
Dark his mind weeps
Without you sleeps
Alone and scared
Let your heart dare
My darling child
Light up your night
Take back your life
Break free these chains
Be joyful again


Missing parts of me
Wishing just to be
Every part
Of my heart
Wants to feel
I belong
But you are
Long gone
I am still
Penny wish
Wanting to
Believe that
You’ll be back
Never left
Forgive I
All your lies
Tears I cried
Failed tries
All of me
Still seeking
To be free
My truth is
Want of roots
To be part
Driving need
Making we
From just me
Feeling sad
Left for dead
Left nothing
Pain and weeds
Time please
Make me
Keeping faith
Linking chains
Making change
You and I
Side by side
In this life

Toy Soldier

Send me your children
Line them on city streets
Dusted impish faces
Too young to be scared
Lay them in shallow graves
Pray with their mothers
Cheat decency
Forget leniency
Herding cattle into battle
Scarred faces
Charred remains
Echoed waves of gunfire
Densely-fill the coal black night
False comfort in shadows
In numbers are huddled
Follow the leader
Buckshots scream like thunder
In sordid night skies
Mamas hold your babies
Close to breast as they cry
Weep for lost freedoms
Innocence of days gone by
Raggedy Andy playing soldier
Let us lay them down to sleep
Ravaged surface feeding fate
Suffer the sheep
Mourn the new dawn
Pelted by her mocking light
Fiercely played in battle grave
This game of capture the flag

Pretty Woman

I hold her hand in mine
Her eyes tender and kind
Faded hazel they stare
Forgetting why I’m there

Each day blessed I am
This gift of time unplanned
I want for just her smile
Wishing for what’s denied

Her stories although told
Retelling gives her joy
Sometimes she remembers
Calling me her daughter

Quietly she regales
Stunning woman so brave
Cowardice the man went
Escaped what she cannot

Inside should she reveal
Memories vivid, real
Now I lay you to sleep
With love, she would repeat

In her arms, she’d hold me
Forever beholden
For the love, she bestowed
I will take on the world

Silent tears fill my eyes
This raging war in her mind
Dad you left her behind
She’s running out of time

This dementia
She’s absentia
Pretty woman
Time limited
Her mind filtered
God’s reckoning
Love delivered
She is my Sun
Always my Mom