Wednesday, July 17, 2019

I am yours alone

You tell me you love me
I say you don’t know
One day maybe perhaps
You’ll see inside my soul
This ain’t a game we playing
Still I hold your heart
One day if you wanna
Never will we part
Let’s pretend forever
Our love will survive
Making magic happen
Feeling so alive
The best is yet to happen
Everything you do
Keeps us moving forward
A love deep and true
Will you be my always
My one and only
Tell me yes my darling
For eternity
Shout aloud to the rafters
How you love me so
Kiss me through tomorrow
Girl, your world unknown
Will you want me always
Keep me for your own
Pledge the world my darling
I am yours alone



I ain’t ready
For real
Tell me
What you think
My life extinct
Nothing is
What it seems
Damn child
You are wild
Your every
I desire
Still you
Flaunt like
Burning inside
I am denied
Like kisses
A penny
Still it misses
Want me to
Like you
Give me something
I can hang on to
You say is
Of me still
I wish you
Would go away
Bury me
Neath an old
Oak tree
Tell my story
Like history
One day
Free of pain
I will look
And see
Neath this soul
Where you left

Oh Sister

What I say
What I am
These decisions
My derision
I am done
So fed up
Ain’t the one
figure it out
I’ve got stuff
things to do
My time worthy
Of more than you
What you put me through
All this shit
Has to stop
My mind
I find
Please bring me back
When I was young
Oh Sister
Any chance of
This happily-
Won’t you lead?
Call me home
All since you
Left me blue
My heart wants
Only truth

So they say

A world
Without water
Or Sun
A place like
The desert
Free of love
Take my heart
A candle
In your hands
Filling you
With gladness
See me in
your magic
mirror like
Wrapped candy
All I have to
Offer you
My sins splayed
Jim dandy
Rock me
Talk to me
Make me feel
Like I am
The girl
Who rules
Tell the truth
No excuse
Let me
Be who you
Need me to be
Longing to see
What I miss
From the man
Who birthed me
Free, I am free
Please will you
Stop torturing me


Like concrete
Slam me
Damn you
I am
My muster
Still I
My right
Your wrong
Will I
Be your
Number one
Treat me like
Pieces of
What you
Throw out
Pieces of sin
Darling your
Worst face
Is showing
Maybe once
I forgive
Twice I
Let you live
Now I am
Outta time
I’ve nothing,
Nada to give
Just a sieve
So hear me
Don’t tell me
How it
Really is
This girl
Her world
Ain’t gonna
Be a fool
For nobody
No more
No longer
Am yours

This old broken bottle

This old broken bottle
Once lived a grand old life
Shiny perfect treasures
Filled with scented delights
Upon a wooden desk
Adorned a silver tray
Pressed powders of rubies
Blue lavenders for May
Pretty as a picture
A lilt of jasmine pure
Fresh, a summer's daisy
So lovely and demure
Shards of glass now scattered
Emptied of all her ware
A vessel long forgotten
Was she ever truly there

Unwrap this Demon

Unwrap this demon
Feeding on my soul
Droplets of my blood
Pictures in the snow
Masked childhood wanting
Waiting for a score
Seeking wisdom, flood
Open waters pour
Undamn the righteous
Pretty ribbons sleep
Calling the chidren
Mediocre weeps
Let slight call upon
Her victims enraged
Passerby gawking
This animal caged
Unblossomed roses
With broken stems
Wistful are hearts
That naught dream again

Beauty Queen

Bump-in, it ain’t pretty
For a dollar fifty
I’d get wasted with ya
So your feeling nada
You be doin tracks
While I’m on my back
Skipping stones to George Jones
Homecoming Queen in a magazine
She is empty, made of plasticine
Alone, ain’t got no home
Giving what is mine
For only a dime
Redemption is a whore
Red lipstick nothin more
She used to be someone’s little girl
Her paper dolls in a grownup world
Preaching wisdom, bible thumper
Empty vessel you can’t save her
Telling lies with those eyes
Feeling fine, dead inside
Just a little fix
Scoring one more hit
Rainbows and lullabies
Paint over concrete skies
Floating high, far away from her life
Beauty Queen, living a dream, can’t fly

If a picture tells a story

If a picture tells a story
My face is a magazine
A wonder of love and beauty
I wonder why you judge me
Like a mirror you claim to see me
A reflection of my parts
Rivers troubled run quite deeply
Revealing what you cannot see
Beneath the shallow lies the heart
False the truth from surface skims
Skin deep my painted lips betray
Unearthed treasure, piece of art
Do you see me for who I am
A girl with so much to give
Waxen glory of lipstick rouge
I am my mother’s child be damned
Give me ordinary will you
I ask naught for any less
Strength breathes in conviction screaming
Granted less and seeking truth
If my portrait tells a story
A journey to a new world
Where inside is outside granted
A chance to be more than weary

Unremarkably Deemed

Imagine were I to wear
What is inside outside
The colour of my happy
Shining bright like a light
Bluest blue paints my sorrow
Red crimson marks your death
Barren lies my beatless heart
Angry scars, badges fresh
Wilful flowers, planted seeds
Lending air might I breathe
Waxen beauty sprigs of hope
Unremarkably deemed
My secrets like scarlet worn
Pulsing thunder rages
False lovers forever scorned
Yellow, tattered pages
Inside outside upside down
Shattered ego be sworn
Rainbows from blessings untold
Story, author unknown