Monday, July 2, 2018

Kingdom Come

The ruse of his kingdom
Blanket me in false hope
Gilded in sheeps clothing
Feeding bread to the hungry
And blood to the wicked
Promising divinity
Deliverance unchartered
Masking in hymnal Grace
Moans of the prophet
Give birth to promiseland
Long enduring fairytale
Still we are heathens
Wanting our gold
If I pray for forgiveness
Should I repent my sins
Dare I falsify intentions
Your heaven lets me in
Trading marbles in favor
A King trumps his Queen
Whisper to the man in cloth
He too is simply plain
Rubies to highest bidder
Plentiful his bounty
Pauper girl barren
Of debt and knowledge
Share this fragmented sin
I raise my hand with yours
Voices entwined
Dear lost sheep
I am found
In Glory
In Hope
If you believe
Or if you don't

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