Monday, July 2, 2018


In a box upon a stand
Adorned in satin and lace
Gentle lay she with stilled breath
With no one to hold her hand
Whisper white trimmed in roses
Perfume their fragrant scent
Eternally lifted soul
My dear who forever rests
Plunge deep my sorrowful heart
Ravage filled my tired life
Glory are her memories
That do fill my weary mind
I look perhaps she teases
Asleep in deepest slumber
For soon her eyes will open
And I take her hand in mine
Fraught the gate of yesterday
Her echoes of long ago
Regret for the discarded
A castle empty of love
I retreat to pastures green
Of lilies and roses sweet
Innocence longed and received
This bereft reminiscing
Sweet Jesus please take me
To where you and I always
Breathe deep our ever-after
Intact beloved family

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