Monday, July 2, 2018

Weep Sister

Weep sister for I sleep
Wrinkled waters keep me
Buried in garland wreaths
Swathed in satin effigy
Mere figure repenting
Hell bent on forgiving
Sad girl who once mattered
You pray at my coffin
Kneeling in pretense
Your tears falling heavy
False speak to what you pray
Speak your peace my darling
Ever-after seeking
Forever reeling
Contemplating this life
Relentless I must ask
With reed take me to task
Master of prophecy
Please God promise me
Take her will you for me
Free from this pain she feels
Wanton for what we need
Comfort. Stop foolish greed
Take me to the altar
No false idols be claimed
Your name spoken in truth
Forsaken one
Thy will be done
If she must die
Her will denied
Sister, Sister
Elusive star
Darling wonder
Impure, wanting
Only to breathe
My baby girl

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