Monday, July 2, 2018

All This Fuss

Evict me
Tell me how
To think
To be
That ain’t free
Judge me
Am I too white
Or too needy
Set fire my expectations
Ration my patience
Here for the duration
Stop the celebration
Take a seat
Let’s discuss
All this fuss
Getting us nowhere
Life is never fair
Why so complicated
Vanity overrated
This life of mine
Only makes sense
White picket fence
Living the dream
Riches obscene
Living extreme
In our voices
Of our choices
Putting food on my table
Thankful that I am able
To go barefoot should I choose
Fashion victim in spiked heels
Not the sucker without shoes
When did we become so cruel?
It’s all bullshit
Get over it
Get over you
Look over your shoulder
The giant boulder
Carried on your back
Make a choice
To rejoice
And lighten your pack
Depraved indifference
Plight of real victims
A societal witch-hunt
Fake news weeps from bloody stones
Still we do throw
Stones of our own
Be genuine
Not plasticine
Molded truth
Let spill forth
Crowd of fools
Gospel spun in kind
Fairytales and rhymes
Our world is dying
Morality kneels in prayer
To what God does she whisper

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