Monday, July 2, 2018

Fed Up

I'm fed up
Had enough
All you did
Or didn't
Made me feel
So excluded
And distant
Never felt
Part of it
All your words
Simply that
Meant nothing
Falling flat
Who's treasure
Was I?
Quietly seeking
And desperately
A few drops of time
Your hand held in mine
Letting me know
I'm not alone
People alive
For me have died
Thine eyes have cried
Done with trying
Take this pen
Strike the page
Ink and rage
Beautiful girl
They cannot judge
You are enough
Stay and be free
Be who you need
Let the beast sleep
Dark his mind weeps
Without you sleeps
Alone and scared
Let your heart dare
My darling child
Light up your night
Take back your life
Break free these chains
Be joyful again

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