Monday, July 2, 2018

We Danced

Love's forever gone
Who forgets my name
Pretend I wasn’t
I have a mom
I had a dad
I am not convinced
If I did matter
Or simply just was
You liked my eyes
You loved my voice
You stole my heart
We danced
I loved you truly
With all of my heart
Perhaps unruly
Your word was my truth
I want to dance with
You all night long
I want to hear you
Sing your song girl
But I am tired
And I am weary
I wonder if I
Am truly ready
To bow my head and
Go to sleep my dear
Twinkle little star
Do you see this girl?
She is her own star
She shines and shines so
Bright. Like a fire
Engine fired up
No one sees her and
No one cares. This girl
Forgotten. I’m sure

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