Thursday, November 30, 2017


Eyes blue like ocean

Smile that greets the dawn

You speak emotion

Your drug, I am on

Your pen my story

An ending I love

Together forever

Heaven from above

Acquiesce my will

Prisoner of your heart

Kiss me and take me

Never we to part

what I see

Etched lines
Wretched lines
Cursed lines
Steal thine beauty
Thief of my youth
A pox upon what I see
In the mirror taken from me
Eternally young I’ll be
Her soul forever wanting
To be wild and young and free


Who is this boy?

Who is this boy from afar?
I wonder what he’s thinking
I wonder who you are

I see, though you try to hide
Courage. Strength. Beauty inside.
Yet, Innocence denied.

Pure of heart, this very soul
Sad brown eyes, this I know
I see you all alone

Who matters to you, I wonder?
What causes you to worry?
What gives you your thunder?

Who is this boy before you?
But flesh and blood and bone
Oh how I wish I knew


Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Our two worlds so different

And maybe that is why

I fell in love so deeply

You set my world on fire

Everything about you

Your touch. Your kiss. Your soul.

Showed your inner beauty

And made me love you more

In poetry and verse

Your heart for all to see

I can’t imagine life

Without you and me



Whose truth matters, spoken or verse
It’s what we see and interpret
How it is understood and used
A sword that’s rallied in anger
Or Freedom that waves in the breeze
Your words
His words
And you must choose who you believe



There are worse things in this world
than unrequited love.
Cried the stalker to the
frightened girl. He pressed the
steel blade unto her throat
and told her to be good
With quiet fear and mustered strength,
she looked him in the eye.
Please take this knife and plunge
it deep inside of me.
I’m unafraid to die.
Force my will or end me.
This choice is clearly yours.
Rather I’d walk through Hell,
upon coals of fire.
Before I yield myself.



Your superficial
Doesn't equal
The man that lies beneath
Your fantastic tales
Of feats and strengths
In your honor, bequeathed
Of gloss and of glam
This life a sham
True colors yet unleashed
These games that you play
To have your way
Narcissism your sheath
Homeage to your skill
These lies that spill
To mirr_or your conceit
Pure evil in breath
Rests but with Death
Laying still your heartbeat


Dear Muse

All I wax poetic about.
Is clearly my life, I’m flattered.
Goddess. Amazon. Egoist.
Beautiful and thin and shattered.

Demented, crazy maniac.
Whore. On death’s door I am waiting.
Lonely and wanton prostitute.
Broken hearted, wishful Creator.

Do not believe all that you read.
Succumb and let the feelings flow
These words that say so much to you
Simply that. Mine and nothing more.



You once told me I was great
And every word you’d read
Text me every minute
You filled me with your need
Now my page lay empty
My phone it never rings
I feel that I don’t matter
I never meant a thing
And yes I blame myself
My silly little ways
Just a bit annoying
And so you never stayed
I miss you and your smile
Perhaps one day you’ll see
A greater love there isn’t
And you’ll be missing me


Tuesday, November 28, 2017


I would give you the moon and stars, all of me
Love unrequited yet fatally stricken
Strange my heart care not for reason or that I
Lay here broken, it refuses to listen

With every smile, I paint upon my face
Feigning indifference, this game that is played.
Plastic happiness, fed toxins to keep me
Free from this hurt and feeling something. Clich├ęd.

This mask never slips, perfectly it is perched
An artist’s rendering hung for all to see
In a field of petals and grasses green she prays
Her suffering, torment – ugliness unseen

Faith yields His mighty shield to soothe and comfort
As the willow, she leans with the Wind but stays
This beating Heart knows the depths of her despair
Evil Love, this unfortunate game we praise


gingered kisses

Gingered kisses
Soaring heights
Arms entwined
Our breath unites
Shadow and light
Exhale. Sigh.
Teasing me
Playful high
Naughty whispers
Lazy morn
Captive heart
And free I’m born

Monday, November 27, 2017


Some light is cast
In the darkness
And gloom
Eerie her shadows
Lay but fleeting
She moves
Mournful her cries
Tides lullabies
She weeps
Caress the night
Her soulful light
She sleeps
Tethered in chains
Unholy gain
Into death she
Has come. undone
Now revered
Pray for her now
Silence her ghost's
Forsaken vow

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Tender her swollen belly

Cradles this unborn child

This wonderment of science

Forever captured and beguiled

This tiny, little heartbeat

Growing inside of me

In two we are now whole

Spawned this miracle seed

In darkness she passes

Her heart begins to fade

Taken from her Mother

An Angel now is made

Her womb now lay empty

And yet her life is saved

She wants for her daughter 

Who rests in Heaven’s grave

stupid girl

Poor stupid girl

She doesn’t learn

Her mistakes


Spends her money

She ain’t got any

Gets laid

She’s played

Fill her wth hope

She’s such a dope

Ditch her

Bitch her

All that she wants

Dope and a song

Fuck her

Bury her

Release her chains

Blow up her brains

She’s dead

She’s dead

If I loved you

If I loved you I
Would want to see you
Every day

Would want to see your
Picture. Your smile. Your
Lovely face

Listen to your voice
Hear your desire
And feel your passion
Lay with you

If you did love me
No tears would I cry
No goodbyes 

In your arms I would
Lay. So deep in love
We would stay 

Our forever would 
Be just you and me
For eternity.
You and me

My Crazy

sea of faces 
staring at me
choose just one
who will I be

each one special
who takes my place
you know my name
you wear my face

envy their boldness
do as they please
kiss the devil
float the breeze

outside of me
her reality
is my crazy
I just wanna be

waken the tiger
each day brand new
live this life
just be you

She is insane
this God’s creature
she is drowning
I can’t reach her

Friday, November 24, 2017

let me go

Discard me
Let me go
Say goodbye
Tell me no
Never yours
Ignore me
Make me cry
Forget me
You are not
Not enough
Let me die
Forgive me


I am
For more
Give me
A chance
Take me
Tell me
I’m yours
Touch me
Kiss me
Fuck me
Fill me
Take me
To your
Bring me
Give me
All that
You have


It’s complicated
This thing we have
You make me feel things
I get so angry
When you dismiss
Make me feel important
Everything you do
All that i want
You in me, with you
The words that you say
Brings me this peace
Please don’t ever leave



Quiet art of nature.
Earth’s canvas on display.
Vibrant emerald fields.
Soaring to greet this Day.
Whispering blades of grass.
Sprouted, begetting new.
Earthen volcanic rock.
Guiding the ocean’s view.
The fallen wings of angels.
Lay barren autumn’s gifts.
Branches reaching Heavenward.
For Winter’s winds are swift.
Snow-crested hillside peaks.
Their crowning heads of white.
Shedding their Golden robes.
To rest the weary night.
The Moon lays us gently.
Til Dawn does bring her light.
A quivering feather fallen.
As Eagle starts his flight.
This wondrous World we see.
Her pleasures of sight rife.
We must ne’er take for granted.
Phenomenon of Life.


Alone she dances.
To sounds but she does
hear. And tranquil is
the melody of
rhythm in her ear.

Fluid be waters.
Far ‘neath the icy
shore. Delivered is
her final song. Her
music plays no more.

Thursday, November 23, 2017


There is a place.
I’ve got to know.
Not quite magical.
It brings me peace.
Freedom from strife.
Inside my brain.
Medicate me.
Release my chains.
And set me free.
This newfound self.
High on meds.
And self-expression.
I’m a cutter.
Ain’t your brother.
Not your mother.
Why do you care?
So fuck you and,
your empathy.
Open casket.
I’m a basket-
case, and so shut,
the door so the
world cannot see.
So the world can,
no_longer see me!


Infamous work.
Designed to be.
Whatever you see.
Vibrant colors.
Great Pretender.
This is my art,
assembled parts.
Each on their own.
Abstract beauty.
Quite exquisite,


This cape and shield.
Bring me no comfort.
Flings me into,
false sense of self.
Who am I but,
King of mighty_and
Savior of weak.
Through years of battle,
and Age has come.
This cane my_only,
sword I now wield.
For quiet Hero.
How soon forgotten,
little flock of sheep.
Remembered Glory,
thought it mattered.
His greatest gift to_all,
but losing himself.


The old man wizened
His salty self, proclaimed
Weathered by life's sorrows
Embittered by the game
An honest day's work
Given. And church he'd attend
This lonely only figure
Standing by her grave
Look past his crass demeanor
See him for his soul
The man who wanted only
The woman he adored



Ills of this great world,
suffer my content.
Casting germs upon
societal mores.
Bleed dry liberal fools.
Gone are we the free.
Everything they’ll take,
never really yours.
United we stand.
See who first will break.
End the mighty reign.
Free the working whores.

someone I once knew

You were smart, so smart.
That I just never saw.
Each of your imperfections
and every little flaw.
To me you were different,
when held to the light.
Nothing could touch you.
So perfect, so right.
One regular day,
the winds they did turn.
Suddenly you’re gone.
And ne’er again returned.
For all of my tears,
l wasted for you.
This man. This father.
Someone I once knew.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Your heart black as coal.
You see only your
reflection staring.
In sorrow, do you
wonder why you are
alone? On your own.
You mourn what wasn’t.
You ask for what can’t be.
You give nothing at
all. It keeps you free.
You take what was pure.
Rip it into shreds.
You stand back not sure,
why you are to blame.
Keep close your still heart.
It beats just for you.
The distance from you,
and happiness is;
but one word of truth.


Exposed, my heart lay beating.
On bed of plated steel.
And close I do examine,
worn scars. Her pain I feel.
The red is now quite faded,
to hue like angry death.
Bend closely so that you,
may hear her dying breath.


In her tiny bubble
On a plastic shelf
A ruby painted smile
Perfect is her self
A trim little figure
Corporate figurine
Model of perfection
Shiny and pristine
Spacious city dwelling
Picket fence and all
Two amazing children
Life is simply swell
Inside she is broken
Empty shell is she
Beneath the still waters
Lies the troubled sea
Drowned is this imposter
Hidden is her face
Weeping her heart silent
Ills that won’t erase
Blood from her veins carry
Far from perfect be
Now and_then_forever!
Finally, she’s free

Monday, November 20, 2017


Entitled I am.
My halo perched.
I am perfect.
Revel in me.
I am His son.
My word gospel.
Through you I preach.
My testament
is law. Follow me.
If you stray, you
are weak. Bloody
wounds torment me.
A shallow grave
I did sleep. Risen,
we celebrate.
Wary the doubters,
evil they be.
Persuasive the
naysayers let
their words spill.
Raise your glass and
drink my blood.
My body a
wafer, eat up.
Repent. Forgive.
Fill the coffers.
Let my Halo,
show you the way.



I made a decision,
on how it’s gonna be.
If I am not enough
Then you are not for me.

It's best to say nothing.
Pay me heed or ignore.
I will say what I feel.
Only truth, nothing more.

You can take what I say,
and make it what you need.
Play this game with yourself,
belie what I’ve decreed.

Nothing really matters.
Everything is a lie.
The truth will set you free.
And free, your soul does fly.


Sunday, November 19, 2017


Into white quiet I blend
Hidden from you I'll not be found
Seeking a peace
From unsteady ground

Only who I choose to be
Amid a backdrop of fake
All of me at stake

Guess at will, I'll not betray
This willful stranger and
The game she plays
Lost she is quicksand

is this love?

The darkness

is written

all over your face.

I won’t rescue you.

I feel your

need when you

are quiet with sleep.

I look upon you.

You tremble.

Weeping your

heart filled with desire.

Still I long for you.


we unite.

Our bodies as one.

I can’t deny you.

Is this love?

Your tears fall.

I feel nothing, 

nothing at all.

I’m Awake

Epic fail.

Fuck! I blush.

Not your spark.

Not your crush.

What am I?

Lovely girl.

Label me,

not your world.

“Dazzle me.

Make me stay.

Let me be,

swept away.”

Clever girl?

In the end,

I am still,

just your friend.

Passioned heart.

Tender kiss.

Soft her touch.

Things you miss.

“Forgive me,

this mistake.

Now you’ve gone,

My heart breaks.”


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Making Sense

Her ivory face
Who you see is who
She isn't really
A facade
Someone fake
Did you choose me to

Be naked with you?
Show the girl beneath
Forever bequeathed.
In dance we are free.
All I wanted to be.
He shows me myself.
Takes me from this shelf.
In me he trembles.
I'm all of his fears.
Those are my tears
Wet on his face

My soul acoustic
For him I will sing
He brings. Me to him.
His hand holding mine

I'm not
Your daughter
Your whore
You get me
You alone
You have me
In pleasure
I'm stone
You see what I show
All of me and more
This is the version
Of truth you deserve

Decorate me
Celebrate me
And put me on
A pedestal
None of its real
You beast

Hurt me
Make me weep
Tell me why
Tell the truth
Let's not sleep
It's my Heaven
And it's my Hell
From this I
Cannot dwell
So she fell

Friday, November 17, 2017

Winter's Cloak

Beckon do the waters
‘neath its icy shield
Winter’s cloak embraces
Frosted o’er the green

Felled is Autumn’s harvest
Still the lilacs scent
Perfumed the winter breeze
Winds from Heaven sent

Majestic mountain peaks
Pure in ivory white
Twinkle the darkened moors
Kissed this wintry night

Wakes the gentle lion
Roars her glacier call
Across the midnight sky
Snowflake tears do fall

Thursday, November 16, 2017


She like a willow bends
wishing to be whole.
Exposed, her heart naked.
Weary her broken soul.

Lay my head upon you,
for I shall never sleep.
Whispered breaths that linger.
Tormented heart, I weep.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Feel this spark
it lights me.
From high and
low it takes 
me. Across
still waters 
it brings me
so much joy.
It gives me
peace when I
need it most.
This one boy
who gives me
all this and
more, thank you.

Monday, November 13, 2017


Damn this addiction
Unwanted affliction
My Heaven
My Hell
Consciously I fell
Bended knee I pray
Penitence fair play
Holy grail
My gaol
In darkness, does stay
Desperate with need
This craving I feed
Frenzied beast
Is he
This battle I cede


Water on stone
Sifted sands
Death is welcome
Who atones?
Fell her being
Tie her hands
Cage the demon
Lustful desire
Quell the beast
Fruitful passion
Girl on fire
Dampen the flame
Temptress heart
Relinquished pawn
Of her game