Friday, December 13, 2019

I don't want

I don’t want to slow down
I want to hurry up
Cause if I pause
Just long enough
The hurting never stops
I want to keep busy
Move forward at warp speed
Forget regrets
Just want to breathe
Forever on my knees
Too weary is my soul
And tired is my mind
Wishing missing
You all the time
I won’t leave you behind
Please tell me a story
One that will never end
Froggy kisses
Queens and princes
My life is make believe

Oh My Glorious Sun

Oh my glorious Sun
I wonder do you weep
In the darkest hour
When we are lain to sleep
Do teardrops gently fall
To bleed these fields of green
Who takes you in their arms
When your heart is lonely
Shine bright like a diamond
A beacon for those lost
Awake to you only
This night of mourning gone
Rainbows of our broken
Light up a cloudy sky
Bittersweet reminder
What we have left behind

Heaven's Road

I am lost
I still want
To be free
Give me wings
Let me sing
Fill my heart
With your love
Say the words
I long for
Let me be
Who I miss
Who I need
Careless is
Letting go
Whisper truth
Yet untold
Let me see
Journey home
Dearest child
This life known
Precious gift
Bleed the soul
Take me now
Heaven's road


Will You Please

Will you please pardon my soul
This raging fire surging
Inside my mind like wildfire
Burn baby, set free the flames
Let soar these wings, let me fly
Release me and let me die