Saturday, May 25, 2019

It's Gonna Rain (Song)

I’ve gotta feeling
It’s gonna rain
Ain’t nobody gonna tell me
Not to feel this way
I’ve come a long, long way
And I’m going to stay
I am not looking back
Nope, not today
I’ve got no reason
To tell you lies
And this thing that I am feeling
Burning deep inside
Sometimes late at night
When shadows call
And the past back to haunt me
Slowly I will fall
Oh yeah, I’ve got a feeling
It’s killing me
Baby all that I need this night
Is your company
Sometimes, no matter
How hard we try
There’s no going back
No, there is no going back

Silken Bows

Sorrow travels across a moonlit night
Bringing her own darkness to the widow
Restless stars and their want to shine like fire
Pebbles will fade in the darkest hour
Secrets are whispered in mercy, vying
A stranglehold on the mores of reason
I am lost in a myriad of pain
I pray and still you take my only son
Silken bows worn cheaply adornment to
A faded light longs for the left behind
An angel kissed lay tranquil in my arms
Solemn she will forever say goodbye

Look at us, so ordinary

Look at us, so ordinary
Nary a peep or a whine
Watchful neath the rising Sun
Peaceful when the night doth lie
Brewing wretched in a dark heart
Unrest circling like fury
Burdened breaths wanting only
Release from all their worry
Like a tender ache, the rain falls
Feather kisses on my cheek
Proffering guised promises
Lulling me gently to sleep
Look at us, so ordinary
Afraid we are to bother
Like figments in a distance
Seeing with eyes unopened

Still I am Alone

I am wondering why I'm here
Adrift in a sea of concrete
This tether I wear it binds me
Ghost threads keep me home
Delicate I walk in this skin
Ill fitting, I'm forever lost
Wanting to belong you see
Still I am alone
Sweet ever after in my mind
A story fabled from ago
I can no longer see ahead
This child is unknown
Painted pictures of memories
Existing yet she never lived
All she knows is what you told her
All beliefs stopped cold