Saturday, March 2, 2019

Everybody Dies

Everybody dies
Float in a glory boat
Heaven's fantastic skies
All of it fucking lies
Childhood stories
Early morning
Wide-eyed belief
Alabaster faces
Folded hands and graces
Dreams of better places
Prayers from all the races
It is a crime
This doing time
Wanting relief
All that we have been told
The sins that we were sold
On our knees baring souls
Living so we can go
Blind is our Faith
A goddamned waste
Bubble beliefs
Whispered promises keep
Tightly flocked as his sheep
We rise up in our sleep
Actors playing a scene
Ain't no glory
Just a story
I am released

Highways and Whiskey

Clear skies ahead, I am flying
Soar like an eagle, I am free
Cresting the waves in blue waters
Neath starry skies of make-believe
Folded petals in blissful sleep
Gently perfume the darkened sky
In morning wake in pure wonder
Sweet kissed by the settling of night
Miles of highway, painted canvas
My journey takes me far from home
Wheels of thunder, engine roaring
I am King of the open road
Whisky shots and sunrise mornings
Forgiving what I left behind
Freedoms gained, the past forgotten
Long ago, once upon a time

I'm Sorry

The sky no longer seems so blue
The fields of heather's brilliant hue
No longer filled with shining light
This day of mine has turned to night
Wearing this
Masked facade
Who I'm not
Real from fake
Nothing's left
I'm extinct
In the cloak of shadows I am
Tethered to ghosts forever bound
Searching for light where none is found
Trying to walk but falling down
Painted grace
Cinder hearts
Wishing that
What I lost
Long ago
Will find me
Maybe then
I'll be free
Summer Sun, stolen is my peace
Fretful dawn ne'er I do sleep
Winsome soul in this slumber deep
Gather these tears, my eyes do weep
Stolen youth
Carry me
Wishing that
I could be
From this grief
Breaking me
I'm sorry

Are you listening?

Hey, are you listening
I really need you
I am feeling lonely
Unsure of my truth
Do you think I matter
What if I was gone
Would anyone notice
If I was around
Every part of me
Wants to say goodbye
Can't stop the screaming
This noise in my mind
I wish you could hold me
Love me one last time
Please won't you remember
Keep me in your life
Stay with me forever
While I lay in rest
And take my hand in yours
Til my dying breath