Monday, August 27, 2018


A family strung loosely, threadbare
Tethered to a man no longer there
Pretense nonsense and deadened stares
Connected to no one
Who really cares
A new normal forced upon me
Lost little girls bereft, empty
Unanswered questions she never asked
She wanted to be loved
To be enough
Separate lives and unspun yarn
Depths of her broken makes her hard
For want of wisdom to soothe her pain
Wishing softly for rain
Clinging to Faith
Weep my gentle lamb
Quietly you sleep
Led to the slaughter
A wolf dressed like sheep


Everything I do

That i do
Has a rhyme
A reason
Please stand up
Please sit down
Please dont fight
Still i beg
This prison
Forces me to,
Feeds my
My Ma said
Choose wisely
Papa said
Close your mind
Give only
What you can
Leave the rest
To prayer
So i walk
Cautioned steps
Wishing for
Wisdom of
Collared choke
Says nothing
Behind God
Neath his robe
Favored child
Youth is robbed
Fear i not
Path taken
It is one
I know well
Sleep in peace
My angel
Someone comes
Burn in Hell


All of this lovely stuff
Bags and beads and baubles
Shiny, glittery things
Free me from life’s foibles
Gadgets and more
What is life for
Plunder and hoard
Our final resting place
When our hair turns to grey
Seeking wisdom with age
This our eternal stay
My soul takes flight
Into the night
These wings of mine
What is forever left
Trinkets and toys and such
Does it really matter
In our ever-after
The joy it brings
Mere summer fling
Zero meaning
In a world built on dreams
Pure golden fields of green
My pockets are empty
His love is all I need

You let me go

You crept into my heart 
Wildflowers in a wood
Stilled my rushing waters
Rested in arms of love
Unspoken lover's gaze
Our moments built in haste
Heavy the bough will break
To tide what has erased
From darkness light erupts
Upon a window sill
Ceramic figurines
False idols of my dreams
Trinkets singed with fire
Wanting for redemption
Latent quelled desire
Embrace her fallen crown