Sunday, December 16, 2018


Three little girls
None are the same
Still they are one
A beat remains

When daddy left
They were all they had
Sunshine won't shine
Until night comes

The brightest stars
They come at dusk
When we hurt the most
And feel alone

Three baby girls
Are all grown up
Living their lives
Not looking back

Knowing they are tied
Mama's daughters
Her one true pride
Tell us father

You're in my soul
All we do love
All we do know
Still we are good

Darling of mine
Different we are
Beneath this moon
Same bright star



Growing up quite ordinary.
The middle child between two girls.
Quiet and shy like background noise.
But to grandma I was the world.

Like a tiny star shining bright.
Blanketing the beautiful sky.
A beacon strong with brilliant light.
She made me feel so good inside.

The middle child oft’ overlooked.
And what my grandma always said;
the best part of any sandwich -
is the stuffing between the bread.

Lots of memories I hold dear.
Of a time not so long ago.
And never, ever will I doubt;
how much my grandma loves me so.


It ain't right

It ain't right
Still I forgive
Bleeding light
Fractured kiss
All this time
Spent missing you
Liquid hope
Comes spilling through
Too many
Tears I have cried
Senseless wrongs
Storybook lies
Woven truth
Strung together
Games you played
Didn't matter
Lay beneath
The water's skin
Feeling safe
Swallow my sin
See the light
Like diamonds shine
You in death
I leave behind


I want to sing to you
The words I need to say
Every part of me
Is wanting you to stay
Please will you hold my hand
Pretend that you still care
Perhaps we can forget
Forgive while we still can
Sometimes when it matters
We neglect those we love
Wishing for yesterday
To undo what was done
Let me hold you tightly
And never let you go
Tell you that I love you
My one and only soul