Saturday, January 20, 2018


Tremble green leaf
Weeps it does fall
Auburn hue
Splendid dawn
Of this root, I’m born

Single blade of grass
Sweet swell of dew
Vivid green
Calling you
Lay my head on you

Foots tread upon
Making their path
Weary I
Step unto
This lonely grave

The widow sings
Hands clasped she prays
On her knees
Savior pleads
Her husband she needs

Shout the morning sun
Whispers to my heart
Felled my son
She’s undone            
A new day’s begun

This boy I have called
Once lost and now found
Is glory
His story

Heaven he is bound


Stupid you
You’re cruel
You fool
False words
You spout
Make it
Seem real
False lies
No deal
Too late
They hate
Fuck you
None true
If you
In this
Well that’s
On you
Gossip sucks
Out of luck
End my life
Hate this strife
All because
One false truth
And you lose
Your whole self
Your very core
Now a whore
Boy’s a’knockin
At your door
Jesus Christ
Leave her be
She’s fifteen
Just a kid
Fucking shit
Hey Mom
Hey Dad
Wake up
Your kid
Is a dick!
Now she dangles
Her rope tangled
Feet swaying
I’m praying
For her soul
Girl unknown


Am I real
What you feel
What you see
It’s all me
I ain’t playin
I’m just sayin
If real’s
Your deal
I’m your girl
Every word
My voice
My choice
And my verse
Ya my curse
But it’s me
I am not
Who I
Got to
You get
Just me
Your complaining
Fuck it’s shaming
I ain’t blaming
Still can you
And don’t you
Figure you
Can be more
Than what for
But if this
All you got
Don’t ignore
Find the door
And move on
I implore
Nothing more
Than this
I exist
So please cease
And desist
Can’t resist
Girl unfloored