Wednesday, September 25, 2019


There are times you’re on my mind
Like shadows lurking dark
Wanting more my yearning soul
Refrain this old heart
A dance of two makes me blue
Forlorn I mourn for you
Your kiss I miss, lover’s tryst
Passionate and true
Lost in time my dreams rewind
A story long ago
My darling I, still I cry
How I miss you so
In spite of the tears I’ve cried
For the life we once knew
The gift of hope you alone
Make my dreams come true



Your fuckin lies
And cocaine highs
Sweet summer nights
Between your thighs
Every time you call my name
It’s a game we play
Wishing away
It ain’t love anyways
Won’t save ya
I’m just a whore
Nothing more
Lay your piece on the table
Pretend I’m Cinderella
You can be my fella

Nothing Left (song)

Nothing left for you to say
Laying it out there
What are you needing from me
Do we continue
Maybe tomorrow
Things are clearer
What do you want from me anyway
Maybe you and I will be
For what we are going through
Tell me
What do I gotta do baby
What do you have to say?
Tell me what happens to us
Will this be enough
You are driving me insane
Things just ain’t the same
Maybe someday soon
You and I move on
Without each other
Damn it I am not okay
I need
To know that you still do care
Your love
Can take us everywhere
Can make me feel like you do
Tell me we are worth it
Tell me you want the same
Baby say it
Call my name
You and I in this game


I'm not ready

I’m not ready
To say goodbye
Still you present yourself
Naked and alive
What will you say
I wonder
You pretend to love me
Defend and tell me
Your web of lies
The day you left
The first day I cried
We left you behind
Still you are on my mind
I once was
Thought I mattered
Life shattered
Like bones on a highway scattered
Fires burning
An entire world unfurled
On whims fucking absurd
Where did you go
Of who you ever were
Were you ever worth
The trouble
Happy birthday mother
Wanting you to replace
This man disgraced
To take his place
So, I can tell you
I miss you mama