Tuesday, May 11, 2021

American Pie

Originally published in "The Crossroads Magazine - October 7" 

Where I can no longer see

What it feels to be

Unweighted and


Justice on its knees

Waging a war

I don't believe

Why does the blind man plead?

An ignorant place

lies underscore

Sense of grace

Bloody footprints walk

Eyes that are vacant

Still I do weep

In your great vessels of steel

We carry your greed

Across our backs

Our naked

Souls and brittle bones

Weary beneath

A heart still beats

Across this great plain of change

Trumpets sound your name

Herald your peace

Lend me faith

I beg you to bring

A perfect rose

To tide this rage

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

from high

From high the cold winds blow

across an ocean wide

taking you far from home

without you by my side


Wherever you now roam

forever you will be 

a part I must let go

a part my heart shall keep


Beneath an azure sky

an angel gets his wings

for precious is his life

as one our voices sing

A ghost that you can't see

A ghost that you can't see
Made up of broken dreams
Willful my disregard
Running like spent peace
Carousel rewinding
What I feel deep inside
Moving unrelenting
Wishing I could hide
Perfect imperfection
Untreading whence I come
Near and far unwinding
Far away from home
Deceitful your magic
Longs such wistful idyll
Pretending forever
Searching for you still

Naked I Stand

Naked I stand
With fallen leaves
Reaching heavenward
Soil my blistered soul
Tame the wretched
A glimpse of will
Faltering sky
Comfort me
Let your sun
Warm my grace
Untouched weary
Oh blessed rain
Shine thy face
In voice strong
Begging and pleading
For hope's sake