Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I Miss You

When the night air stills
Quiet permeates
All traces of you
Time cannot erase
Little reminders
Seeds of our life spent
Waves of water high
Come crushing hell bent
Sorrow lingers near
Adrift memories
Pictures I hold dear
I wish to set free
Longing for what was
And will never be
My soul is deluged
When we became me
Lonely tear escapes
Revealing my truth
Betrayed by my heart
For I still miss you

Published in Raven Cage Poetry and Prose Ezine - Edition #26

Who are you?

Who are you
I wonder
Your shallow
Parlour games
Secrets kept
Liars pew
Hide your shame
Past we knew
Lustful tryst
Charades and
Saintly pain
Counting down
Numbered days
Silly girl
Fairy tales
Are not to
Be believed
Draw the curtain
Third act in
Sorrow is
Feign and stain
Else to blame
Unshone star
Fade your light
Lonely tears
Fall tonight


What has passed
Makes no roads
Our time
Is fine
Won’t let go
You and I
We can fly
We decide
This route
Our flight
No goodbyes
Be my lover
My friend
Hold me
Kiss me
Take me
And again
Where you begin
Is where I end
Always know
That I’m yours
You leave me
Wanting more
My love affair

I held you

I held you, tight to chest
I could feel your heartbeat
Deeply inside my breast
Our breath like teardrops sigh
Lingering, softly kissed
Unspoken lullaby
Your calloused hands were splayed
Entwined across my hip
Rising to meet your haste
United we become
Blended souls in yearning
Imperfect halves now one
Wonderment and glory
Most precious is this gift
Simple our love story