Monday, July 2, 2018

We must have freedom

We must have freedom
Else we have nothing
For we are only
Our hopes and dreams
Of a life given
It demands of me
All that I cherish
All I do believe
Thoughts and ideas
Everything unique
Inspires a fire
Deep inside of me
Truth satisfying
Honesty so pure
This raw emotion
Pushing desire
Dare you soar the skies
Swim the deepest sea
Remember this life
And what it can mean
Should you want dissent
Feel the need to breathe
Fall back to your head
Baby you can see
Every word said
Pulpit or diary
Claim your voice sister
And be who you need
Falsify the cog
The repetitive
Or call to glory
Proclaim not the flag
Or ordinary
Be you, all of you
Speak. Stand up and fight
Naught be in your way
No man is honest
But truth be his word
Take naught for granted
Become your own truth
We must have freedom
Else what have we got?

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