Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I Miss You

When the night air stills
Quiet permeates
All traces of you
Time cannot erase
Little reminders
Seeds of our life spent
Waves of water high
Come crushing hell bent
Sorrow lingers near
Adrift memories
Pictures I hold dear
I wish to set free
Longing for what was
And will never be
My soul is deluged
When we became me
Lonely tear escapes
Revealing my truth
Betrayed by my heart
For I still miss you

Published in Raven Cage Poetry and Prose Ezine - Edition #26

Who are you?

Who are you
I wonder
Your shallow
Parlour games
Secrets kept
Liars pew
Hide your shame
Past we knew
Lustful tryst
Charades and
Saintly pain
Counting down
Numbered days
Silly girl
Fairy tales
Are not to
Be believed
Draw the curtain
Third act in
Sorrow is
Feign and stain
Else to blame
Unshone star
Fade your light
Lonely tears
Fall tonight


What has passed
Makes no roads
Our time
Is fine
Won’t let go
You and I
We can fly
We decide
This route
Our flight
No goodbyes
Be my lover
My friend
Hold me
Kiss me
Take me
And again
Where you begin
Is where I end
Always know
That I’m yours
You leave me
Wanting more
My love affair

I held you

I held you, tight to chest
I could feel your heartbeat
Deeply inside my breast
Our breath like teardrops sigh
Lingering, softly kissed
Unspoken lullaby
Your calloused hands were splayed
Entwined across my hip
Rising to meet your haste
United we become
Blended souls in yearning
Imperfect halves now one
Wonderment and glory
Most precious is this gift
Simple our love story

Will You - Song Collaboration

Written by Tissy Taylor
Will you hug me
For just awhile 
I am lonely
Feeling tired
Sometimes this life
Expects too much
Time ain't standing
I need your touch
Will you kiss me
Gently our lips
Connect as one
How I do miss
Your lovely smile
And warm embrace
Let's rest awhile
You keep me safe
Will you love me
Slowly and sure
Lay close with me
My love is pure
When you're with me
You claim my heart
This life bereft
When we're apart
Will you feel me
With your need
Let's bring heaven
To her knees
⭐️Poem written by Tissy Taylor
⭐️Vocal arrangement RY-T
⭐️Performed by Sylvia Young

What I Missed

What I missed
When I chose
To not see
In my hurry
I missed beauty
Simple joys
From the noise
Always rushing
Traffic jam
In my brain
How I wish
Wish I knew
How precious
Time remains
Upon repass
Life unfolds
Every page
A story told
Rushing winds
Swept away
Precious time
Along the way

Mind Your Business

If I may ask
you a question
It won’t take long
Who minds the store
When you are gone?
You seem busy
Up in my grill
Girl say nothing
If it's not
Yours to tell
Mind your manners
Your P’s and Q’s
Listen Linda
I’m done with you
Why do you care
What’s going on
Please keep your ducks
In your own pond
Silly woman
I’ve had enough
This bad-mouthing
Really must stop
If you don’t like
What I say
Might I suggest
Unfriend. Report
Un-twitter me
Get a life
Leave mine be!


Staring into a blackened sky
Moonlit trails across her breast
Waiting for him to fill her mind
Yearning and longing, repentance
Languished heart, lay dormant in wait
Silken fingers caress her soul
Faded your smile begins to wane
Reaching for you to keep her whole
Faintly she moans to quell desire
Softly arching she screams his name
Rushing waters to drown her fire
Bewitching is this game we play
Salted whispers in desperate plea
Haunted, she craves his scorching flesh
Pressed upon her, writhing in heat
Beneath a lover’s moon she rests
Staring into a blackened sky
Lingering shadows in moonlight
Forbidden fruit, bearing sweet wine
Sinful temptress, impure the night

Beyond the Pale

Beyond the pale
Let me know what
You need to hear
Quietly roars
The lamb slaughtered
Rise up gentle
Lion let us hear
Your mighty roar
Sunkissed moon please
Deliver me
From your evil
Let us humans
Seeking justice
At justices door
Pray to the Lord
Seek redemption
Lend your prayer
Unto his soul
Hold your hands in
Mine. My darling
Imprisoned i
Shall look no more
Pressed upon these
Flowers planted
Roses crimson and
Violets blue
Songs of Holy
Steps not taken
Pray my child for
What i don't know
Innocence beats
Red like the Sun
Settle the wind
Lightning screams out
Goodnight my friend

you were

You were
once, more
In time, subside
This heart 
Take your love
No more lies
Foolish girl
Let it be
the last time
Broken sigh
It’s too late
You just don’t
Placate me
Tell me why
Please refrain
Waste my time
Sit back
This game
You’re playing


Evil Bleeds

Evil bleeds, weeping crimson
Rising darkness from the moor
Shadows lurk, breathy whispers
Quiet the winds, cries unheard
Thief. Drain my blood. Still my mind
Unshattering my broken
Clawing at my sanity
Happiness is a token
Shredding pages. Torn. Tattered
Yellowed edges, yarns of old
Quill to paper, frozen time
Swathed in silken, golden robes
Lift up my body, weary
And gather my tears, swollen
Kneel beside me in prayer
For the mighty has fallen
Bury me neath the rubble
Pretty flowers on my grave
Rising high, seeking freedom
Flee this madness in my brain

Used Wings

Just a smidgen tattered
A little worse for wear
Sullied like grey cinder
Some spots completely bare
Feathers light as fairies
With darkened roots and stems
Will they work she wonders?
When her time here is done
Solace borne of sorrow
How precious, little things
A life of grace fleeting
This angel with used wings
The earth slightly golden
Freshly turned, chestnut brown
A wreath lain to honour
My mom on her way home

Standing in the rain

I was knocking at your door today
While standing in the pouring rain
Leaves were falling all around me
Nothing ever remains the same
The sun had missed his early rise
Leaving us to find our way
The moon had left some time ago
I wait for this darkness to fade
Mourning for a life I once knew
Regretful of mistakes I've made
These tears I weep for what is lost
Wretched shadows conceal my pain
These clouds that follow me inside
Lead my demons to your front door
I beg of you, forgive my sins
Let there be hope within, once more

Lend me your crazy

Lend me your crazy
Penetrate my mind
Cradled maniac
This moth to flames high
Rattle your cages
Savaged breast I cling
On the brink of madness
Who I was extinct
Sister Mary weeps
Clasping beads to chest
Eyes raised to Heaven
Take this demon cursed

What I couldn't know

What i couldn't know
Could scale a mountain
Rise the waters deep
Unveil a darkness
Slaughter my poor heart
If only i knew
What i wished i knew
A single drop of rain
Pieces of a past
Unburied my ghosts
Churning inside me
Starts a troubled mind
Every piece broken
Shattered my whole
Gone my sanity
Mourning yesterday
Youthful innocence
Victim of your game
What i couldn't know
Halved me completely
Lingering anguish
Uprooted my truth
Painted memories
Consumed all of me
Light reveals beauty
Tempers the festered
Unmasks the devil
Stills the warring soul
Rise up new freedom
Deliver me home


The Sun Escapes

The sun escapes through the wood
Unsettled breeze meanders
Lonely haunts her piercing moan
Escape the holler's shadow
Leaves swollen with winter rain
A canvas of autumn hues
Crisp the hands that cradle me
To her breast she cleaves her truths
Sleepy mist gently weeps
Sweeping low across her bough
Ragged breaths consume her lungs
Barren the fruit of her loins
Heavy is night in slumber
The air thick with her silence
Soft whispers caress my face
Quenching all of my senses

take my hand

Take my hand
Let me lead
Follow me
Stem the bleed
Salted tears
Fall from grace
Will you heed
Pious love
At his feet
Angels rise
Stolen life
Rising tides
Swollen, the
River rides
Hear my voice
Sing with me
Brave new world
Simply breathe
Close your eyes
Walk with me


Happiness is
Fleeting, still I
Tried. Loving you
Despite your lies
Thought I mattered
Your alibis
The games you played
Still I remained
Flowers, baubles
Sweet your kisses
Late night whispers
Your delicious
Was suspicious
Tell me darling
Why now goodbye?
The rules have changed
Tainted this ride
Queen of pretence
Make believe life
Fairy tale love
My life sentence
Build your castle
A new princess
Your empty words
False overtures
Stealing my mind
One final time
Still I am here
On bended knee
Begging, pleading
To mean something
Anything please
Happiness is
Fleeting really
Make your mistakes
Never look back
It’s much too late



Moonshadow shelter
Help me find my way
Blessed is the night star
Bringing light to Faith
Sweet perfumed waters
Rising from the floor
Bring home our sailors
Keep them safe and warm
Rise the eager sun
Breaking a new day
Dawn at last wakens
I have found my way

Ordinary Day

An ordinary day
All of my raging and
Railing against this storm
Air heavy with gloom, I
Lay still upon the wood
Strangled neath the grey calm
Tongue thick with screams unheard
Lonely, my gaze falls like tears
Whispers this errant voice
Soothing me. Wishing to be
Free from my flesh and bones
Inside this carcass, death
Prey to this sorrow that
Forces me to my knees
Pray to the God of light
Cast your shadows on me
Warm is the blood that stains
These hands. Draining from me
This ordinary day

Sometimes I listen

Sometimes I listen for the world knows its way
The rush of the willow in a summers breeze
A quiet moon treads lightly in the night sky
Can you hear the whisper piercing through the night
Wishes borne of kisses, magic fairy dust
Wilted leaves weighted in rains of swollen seas
Masked truth and beauty felled by the city sky
Seek what lay broken, beneath my heavy step
Quickened breaths soothe my weary soul when I weep
Sell the golden egg to the highest bidder
Wrath beats the whore within an inch of her life
Quell her fevered brow, fraught is the forsaken
Missed is the mother who lay still in her grave
March forward into darkness, forgive me, pray
Rest tired mind for I know not what I say

thin hope

thin hope, wanting what I can't have
needing less, pretending I'm free
sad heart, covered in a false salve
my death, while I am still alive
seeming, to be something you're not
playing, fast and loose with my heart
loosened, from the ties, tethered rot
benign, the actor plays his part
something, broken inside of me
freedom, false still I reach for thee
unmasked, the woman from the child be
stolen, this life on a path unseen
careless, with my hands cupped in yours
fragile, tender faith, gentle rose
looking, for what she does not know
beneath, the earth she cries no more


Empty my words, thoughts and feelings
Echo this silence as it screams
Abstract distance, feckless disdain
Bury that which keeps me sane
Dark the heart borne of this temptress
Beating wildly inside my breast
Desire claws seeking freedom
Desperate her thirst for my kingdom
Pebbles moist, cast in thin waters
On pressed knees in prayerful bother
For her sins to be forgiven
Escape the madness in her head
Unsettled breaths, still my heartbeat
Weary I, in forever sleep
Rise up my soul, eternal night
Come the angels who give me flight

What if

What if things were different
If you could love me more
Our hearts made one from two
A window to your soul
Maybe sorry mattered
Trying was something new
Foregiveness a blessing
What if you loved me still
Sun sets the crescent moon
Glistens the midnight star
Forever my heart aches
Wanting you from afar
If nonsense could make sense
Promises be unbroken
If one more day could mean
My poor old heart would mend
The past long forgotten
With sins where roses grow
If only lonely knew
A tiny glimpse of hope
Sunshine warms the haunted
Sets fire to the pain
Plenty penny wishes
To be with you again