Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I overshare
And no one cares
I place my heart
Out on a shelf
Lovely to look
Precious to hold
Every piece
Shining pure Gold
Intentions none
I love to talk
And should you smile
A starting gun
The words they fly
Like dear old friends
I chat a storm
Cold early morn
Oh, gotta run?
Let’s meet again
No hidden truths
Or misplaced guise
I am for real
No alibis
And what you see
Is what you get
This one girl’s voice
Just wants a friend

Monday, February 26, 2018

The Fallen

Crashing waves
Fallen dreams
Freedom fight 
Mask the dawn
Soldier child
Carry me
Left behind
Just a pawn
Left to die
Missed hero
Faulty flag
Worth zero
Who am I
Someone's child
Scream my name
I am gone
Flander's field
Say my name
Widowed son
Soldier's song
Die the brave
Yet you shout
It's all wrong
One day soon
We will be
United one
United free

the man that i need

I want you to be
the man that I need
Do you see?
Two is much stronger
and does make me feel
I’m tethered
And loved more than one
could possibly be,
Do you see?
Can you imagine
the satisfaction
being our own team,
A life together
always forever
you and me
Do you see?

Thursday, February 22, 2018


I dress her in crushed velvet.
Deep purple, and defiant.
Bright pink strands of colored hair.
Her skin smooth like porcelain.
Cold to touch, all warmth fleeing. 
Fascinating, this stillness.
Ruby lips so plush and ripe.
I taste her, a gentle kiss.
Her screams still echoed aloud.
Contained in this cement room.
Gloriously surrendered.
Hesitant I was to quell.
Morning seeps through thin fabric.
My gaze lingering, my love.
The door closes behind me.
To let my pretty one sleep.



My dad would tell me stories
And more oft’ than naught untrue
Bundled in my coverlet
Something I looked forward to
Of Kingdoms and Princesses
Unicorns, goblins and more
Magic potions, dark towers
Delightfully, fabled lore
The hero always returns
And every story he weaves
The dark knight is always felled
And the good guy never leaves
Now that I am fully grown
I have learned a thing or two
Daddy’s are only human
Because they can leave you too
White Knights are all now villains
No Prince is ever true blue
Poison apples do exist
The Hero is always you!


Thursday, February 15, 2018


I am sure I don’t love you
Though I can’t explain the tears
There is just something about –
everything that you do

I am certain I’ll forget,
the memories that we made.
Every single picture
and the ones inside my head.

I didn’t know making love;
Imprinted, indelibly
and forever on a soul.
Though I lost you, you’re not gone

Perhaps if one rainy day,
you are thinking about me.
Wondering whether you and -
I, would someday be okay.


Monday, February 12, 2018


A single visit
Every year
Dressed in her finest
She sheds no tears
Red long-stemmed roses
To honor your grave
Crosses lined in rows
Lost memories
Good men and women
They’ve taken away
Medals pinned to chest
Never forgotten
This rosewood casket
Cradles you near
Deep in the earth lain
Oh, thief of your years
Five and twenty were
Forever we mourn
The cannons they cry
Thunderous roars
Echoes in blue skies
Gentle weeps the horn
Solemnly we stand
Sending soldiers home

Saturday, February 10, 2018

this girl

I sit in my room
Full of dark and gloom
Wishing to be
Alone and free
I’m just a girl
Small in a world
Do you hear her voice?
This life not her choice
Yet she is free
Oh, yes please see
All that you can be
Before you
I implore
Want to be
Simply free
Let me be
What I need


the gambler

A man took his chance
Hoping he fared well
His money their life
He thought he would win
Risk it
Do this
It’s bliss
No sorrow
To borrow
Missed wish
I struggle to choose
The path not to lose
Pick a winner
Win my dinner
There is a high
A big delight
I’m always right
But when I’m down
I am a clown
And my world is
Upside down
Makes me frown
Suddenly alone
My addiction owns
me, I’m
Not free
Take heed
Listen to me
I beg, I plead
Please place your bets
On you instead



A girl leant upon a tree
Pondered life so carefully
A mom and dad who loved her
Sisters and brothers were four
Her health and wealth was there more,
That this blessed girl could ask for?
A child a day goes hungry
Another child is abused
One lives in fear of her dad
Another’s mom’s a whore
But please as I do wonder,
What else do you require?
This God above spreads his love
Has many to look after
Are you sure you are in need?
And could there be someone else
That needs Him and so I plead
Look closely upon your life
Count your blessings and your wins
See and choose for whom we fight
This land of plenty our gifts,
Ours to give and of our might


King & Queen of My Heart

Collaboration effort with Chris Young - 

My dearest love,

The man behind the crown
An ordinary man
For whom my heart tolls loud
For him I breathe
My every need
He completes me
This man mere flesh and bone
Extraordinary love
Beats strong his heart, his soul
I desire
Consumed with fire
Soaring higher
In two we join as one
My heart forever won
This girl, inside, undone

Queen of my heart,

You sit beside me on your throne.
I think of those days all alone.
I met you in the moonlight dance.
The smile, the eyes, the welcoming glance.
Had to have you by my side, my royal bride.
Falter not, head held high, loving pride.
Our people love you, they fall at your feet.
I know you better, their actions I repeat.


Thursday, February 8, 2018


I look at your picture
From a long-time ago
It fills me with gladness
It fills me with sorrow

I remember our life
The memories we shared
Everything that we were
Held to my heart, endeared

In time, we grew apart
I was someone you knew
Still my heart remembered
A girl I looked up too

My sister born of blood
A sacred hold have you
While distance may fill us
Our love forever pure



There are no sounds
But for my breath
Erratic beat
There is no light
To shine on me
I am unseen
A crowded room
I’m imploding
Quell his roar
Evil doer
I feel the panic
I just let it ride
Enraged beast
Inside me
Alone I stand
Right beside you
You see through me
I feel my breath
My palms begin
To sweat
My face it glows
Gasping for air
Can’t breathe
Oddity. You stare
Help me
My tongue swallowed
No words do come
I am buried deep
Fear engulfs me
Won’t let me speak
Darkness consuming
There is no warning
Mercy please
Still he feeds
Mental illness
Hidden disease
What you can’t see
Can still be real
Still you fear me
Imprisoned my mind
A fight to the death
Final act
Fade to black

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Letters carved into a tree
Our love captured for always
And stand true this testament
A piece of art throughout time
This my hearts sentiment

This life
My wife
Filled with love
Blessed above
My light
My heart
Feels right

Our children are fully grown
Grandchildren upon my knee
Stories from long time ago
Shared with laughter and with love
My heart still tenderly mourns

One tragic night we did part
A wintry drive stole my love
Our last kiss upon my lips
Your smile forever still breathes
Whispers these two passing ships

My love
Never gone
Wished upon
Bright star
My heart


Sunday, February 4, 2018

Catching Grace

Of catching Grace
It is bestowed
Forgive the dark
Seeded. Tempered madness
From this root born
Of labour, sweat
We ply our trade
Hold out our hands
For want the fruits be paid
See not our sins
I will stumble
Thy crown tumbles
Tarnish its gold
Askew. It will balance
Still it is home
In night I see
What lays dormant
Savage this beast
Red my heart bleeds
Reign the soul that is free
Sleep my beauty


All smiles
No wiles
Only me
Want of you
This heart true
Lain bare
Yet spared
Open mind
Shut down blind
You didn't hear
My words. You steered
Your words
What I had left
Laid to rest
I must adjourn
This girl scorned
Wanting more
Than you give
What's left behind
At what cost
This girl

Eff Cancer

Fuck cancer
God damned this
Disease it
No one
Welcomes me
It knows not your name
No rules in his game
He teases
Himself knowing
Only showing
What you must see
I can fix it
Stupid girl
Oh fuck me
Let me please
Say my peace
Can we end
Or suspend
This dreaded
Angels wings
Of nothing
So it seems
Is this all
It becomes
Fuck I’m done
You got me
Cancer, please


And trite
I'm rifled
This life
Ain't mine
I'm lying
Got no fight
All you do
Doesn't prove
Yet you shout
Use your clout
Figure out
How to deal
Please let me
In your world
Messed up girl
You decide
Ain't my ride
For a good time
Maybe next time
For today
It's my way
Don't look back
Cut no slack
This girl shines
Her limelight
She's brilliant
Fuck her mind

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Simple Wish

A penny wish into a fountain
A simple prayer upon bended knee
A little note inside a bottle
Sending all my Faith direct to thee

Hope is ignited in gentle waves
Beaming bright wishes to light my day
Struggles want for happily-after’s
Looking for your Word to lead the way

Doubt can cloud the Path we choose to walk
Like a beacon, strong and pure His light
I have faltered when life caused me pain
An iron will give strength to those blind

Her trembling hand holds tightly to mine
With whispered prayers, frantic to hold on
I fear that my wish has lost track of time
Dear God I know soon she will be gone

A penny wish
A desire to
Keep what is mine
Hold fast and true
My angel gone
To you is found
The bottle’s note
Washed onto ground
Love stays to weep
As you do sleep
Not mine to keep
His flock. His sheep