Monday, July 2, 2018

Pretty Woman

I hold her hand in mine
Her eyes tender and kind
Faded hazel they stare
Forgetting why I’m there

Each day blessed I am
This gift of time unplanned
I want for just her smile
Wishing for what’s denied

Her stories although told
Retelling gives her joy
Sometimes she remembers
Calling me her daughter

Quietly she regales
Stunning woman so brave
Cowardice the man went
Escaped what she cannot

Inside should she reveal
Memories vivid, real
Now I lay you to sleep
With love, she would repeat

In her arms, she’d hold me
Forever beholden
For the love, she bestowed
I will take on the world

Silent tears fill my eyes
This raging war in her mind
Dad you left her behind
She’s running out of time

This dementia
She’s absentia
Pretty woman
Time limited
Her mind filtered
God’s reckoning
Love delivered
She is my Sun
Always my Mom


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