Friday, July 13, 2018

Im Country

©2018 By Tissy Taylor
Music by Barney Cissell
All rights reserved

I love to drink whiskey
I love trains and guitars
I love loose women
Old dogs and old cars
I love country music
Ol' Patsy and Cash
Seems God takes the good ones
Way too damn fast

This country boy's heaven
Wild and free
Blue skies and wheat fields
Where I long to be
Blue jeans and fiddles
And old songs we know...
Campfire riddles
From long long ago
Here in my heart
I am free
And I'm country

Wide brim Stetson
Low cut t-shirts
Blue steel strings
A country girl's flirt

Mom's apple pie
And rodeo clowns
A good Texas waltz
When I'm feelin' down


Moonlight hayrides………..(spoken)
Skinny dippin'
Watchin' the sunrise
Stolen kisses
Cowboy movies
In black and white
And once in a while
A good bar room fight


I'm free
I'm country

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