*** Submissions are OPEN ***

This is a poetry blogsite with the lofty ambition of increasing exposure to unpublished and/or published poets and their work. This is a non-profit blogsite and does not offer pay for any poetry included or shared on this site.

Submission Guidelines & Acceptance Criteria

  1. All submissions must be the poet/author's original work.
  2. All submitted poetry must credit originating author(s) and any/all collaborating authors.
  3. All submitted poetry must have the permission of the original author(s) for publication on this site.
  4. The submitted poetry may be unpublished and/or previously published work.
  5. This website and its owners and editors are not responsible for any plagiarized poetry or poetry submitted/published without the proper author approvals and/or accreditation.
  6. There are no limitations on size/length of the submission.
  7. The blogsite owner and editors maintain the right to accept or refuse any submission on any basis.
  8. The expressed submission content does not necessarily represent the views or beliefs of the blogsite owner or editors.
  9. The blogsite owner and/or editors will notify the author(s) for any submissions approved/accepted for publication on this blogsite.
  10. Notifications to the author(s) for submissions not considered/accepted for site publication will not be provided.
  11. Multiple submissions may be submitted in a single email or in separate and individual emails.
  12. All submissions must include the following detail/information as a separate word document - 
    • Author(s) First and Last Name
    • Author(s) Picture (which may or may not be used at the discretion of the owner and editors)
    • Author(s) Biography (which may or may not be used at the discretion of the blogsite owner and editors)
    • Poem(s) including title(s) for each piece submitted
    • Personal writing links - blog sites/websites/facebook pages you wish to 'advertise' (which may or may not be used at the discretion of the blogsite owner and editors).
    • Include your email in the word attachment.

How to Submit

Provide submission content based on the guidelines/criteria outlined above to If your content is accepted for publication you will be notified by the email you provided.

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