Monday, July 2, 2018


I wonder
What it takes
Nothing is
Nothing at
All the same
And you who
Thought death would
Mean something
Other than
What it was
We hugged and
We forget
We move on
And we do
Tears I cried
Tears labored
This woman
Who meant the
World to so
Many is
Dust, nothing
But dust. Do
You hear me?
In the ground
Lest I try
To push my,
Hands frail to
The heavy soil
Weighted in
I cry but
You don’t hear
I wish you
Would just try
I did not
Want to go
I left you
Behind I
Left my soul
With loved ones
I now sleep
My heart has
Never will
Those for whom
I still weep
Daughter please
Kiss me and
Hold my hand
Say my name
Don’t be sad
Your dad went
Before me
Now I go
Love me and
Don’t forget
Live in me
Breathe for me
Always I
Will be my,
Mother’s daughter
Your Mother
Your Wife
Your Friend
Your Lover
Gentle and kind
Dear God, take
Me to your
Heaven in
The sky please
Let me please
Take this ride

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