Saturday, July 29, 2017


In dream.
i am. Brimming. 
Content. Seeking solace.
Imagine. It will be.

Taking me. 
Soaring. In flight.
Across oceans.
Still waters. Freedom.

Her spirit.
Aglow. Learned.
Chosen. Not fate.
Her life. Her own.

Friday, July 21, 2017

this life

Dye your hair pink. Dance. Laugh. Live. There is this one chance. Go for it. Be afraid of nothing.

I am a forty-something Mom of two amazing humans. My world is busy. I work full time and am fortunate to have some very amazing individuals in my life.

Take nothing for granted. Love your mom. Open your mind to thoughts beyond your own. Imagine your reality as it will deliver you closer than should you remain without hope.

Life will knock you down. My dad deserted my family. He left us to care for our mother who has advanced organic brain injury. This is not defeat. This is simply a testament to your strength.

A very important person in my life teaches me to believe enough and it will be. Dream big. You are the only person who can deliver on your destiny. Shelve your doubt and be joyful.  

We moved several times growing up. Fifteen homes all across Ontario. I personally believe I attended every Catholic school in Durham Region. All that I do and share is as a direct result of where I come from. But I believe in the essentials. Rules that guide you and shape who you will become.

Be kind. Be generous. Face your fears. Challenge yourself. Love who you are not who you want to be or who they think you should be. Live simply.

I come from a macaroni & tomato childhood. Chores before breakfast. Home when the street lights lit up the evening sky. In every town we called home we had to put down roots. Introduce ourselves and make our way. Finding that first friend and being the new kid one more time defined me, built me.  Recognizing that it is not the house or number of bathrooms, city streets or clothes on your person that mattered or had any impact.  It was your little sister who played with you each recess until you found your best friend. Your mom meeting you at the front door asking how the first day and fifth day and final day of school went.

It was your familiar shiny blue bicycle helping you to explore each new neighborhood. The church pastor welcoming you and even the schoolyard bully knocking you down just to see what kind of stuff you were made of. The people and the actions and traditions and love that made every house I lived in a home. An adventure in wait.

And I am still moving and evolving and exploring.  Untapped potential screaming to be let out and run wild. My time is now. I want to share my world and my dreams and my voice with you through my words my stories and my pictures.

I AM a dreamer! I AM a fighter! I AM strong! I AM beautiful inside & out!

I invite you to tag along. #IAM