Monday, July 2, 2018

Happy Now

I'm pretty certain
Behind this curtain
Mask of deception
Someone who is lost
A part of her world
Exploded, unfurled
Still she will pretend
That she is ok
A part of her gone
Won't someone please care
In the end her friends
Were not really there
A world built on sighs
Cobweb trails at night
Glisten neath the stars
My poor orphaned child
With your soul so wild
Escape from the knife
Pills and betrayal
This daughter of mine
Still whom I deny
Never did matter
Cursed in belief
So trusting is she
Your love it swept
Naive off her feet
Take the mic she stands
Bearing all she has
No tears she does cry
A moment in time
Listen won't you please
To my words, my plea
Lost girl on her knees
For who really cares
Will know she's not there
The Angels rejoice
You left her no choice
She is happy now

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