Saturday, May 25, 2019

It's Gonna Rain (Song)

I’ve gotta feeling
It’s gonna rain
Ain’t nobody gonna tell me
Not to feel this way
I’ve come a long, long way
And I’m going to stay
I am not looking back
Nope, not today
I’ve got no reason
To tell you lies
And this thing that I am feeling
Burning deep inside
Sometimes late at night
When shadows call
And the past back to haunt me
Slowly I will fall
Oh yeah, I’ve got a feeling
It’s killing me
Baby all that I need this night
Is your company
Sometimes, no matter
How hard we try
There’s no going back
No, there is no going back

Silken Bows

Sorrow travels across a moonlit night
Bringing her own darkness to the widow
Restless stars and their want to shine like fire
Pebbles will fade in the darkest hour
Secrets are whispered in mercy, vying
A stranglehold on the mores of reason
I am lost in a myriad of pain
I pray and still you take my only son
Silken bows worn cheaply adornment to
A faded light longs for the left behind
An angel kissed lay tranquil in my arms
Solemn she will forever say goodbye

Look at us, so ordinary

Look at us, so ordinary
Nary a peep or a whine
Watchful neath the rising Sun
Peaceful when the night doth lie
Brewing wretched in a dark heart
Unrest circling like fury
Burdened breaths wanting only
Release from all their worry
Like a tender ache, the rain falls
Feather kisses on my cheek
Proffering guised promises
Lulling me gently to sleep
Look at us, so ordinary
Afraid we are to bother
Like figments in a distance
Seeing with eyes unopened

Still I am Alone

I am wondering why I'm here
Adrift in a sea of concrete
This tether I wear it binds me
Ghost threads keep me home
Delicate I walk in this skin
Ill fitting, I'm forever lost
Wanting to belong you see
Still I am alone
Sweet ever after in my mind
A story fabled from ago
I can no longer see ahead
This child is unknown
Painted pictures of memories
Existing yet she never lived
All she knows is what you told her
All beliefs stopped cold

Pebbles Float

There is a wood where hearts do mourn
Seeking solace beneath the stars
Footsteps like ghosts softly spoken
Wrenching teardrops from those reborn
Lichen shades of nestled sorrow
Like tired angels, wearied pasts
Seeking truth in what we have left
Bountiful gifts from which we fast
Ill winds amid the elm and brook
Pebbles float our very intents
Wisdom in light that shines on through
Forgive our sins, lest we repent
Damnation strikes with morning Sun
Bringing glory across the land
Shadows mute the trembling vagrant
and Good shall rise to make demands

Copse in Mourning

You can hear the wind outside my window
With gulping breaths she rushes through the wood
Carelessly roaming like fire burning
A freedom carried heavy in her foot
Crushed green blades of emerald and ivy
A wake of life as she blazes unmasked
Lifted high upon a beam of sunlight
Eagerly she courses an unknown path
Like small creatures burrowing in the soil
Earthen soil awakened and stone unturned
Fiery flames licking upturned faces
The wrath of a wilding early morn wind
Gently lay the copse still from a mourning
Ravaged and left a wreath upon her door
Quietly our children seek forgiveness
Settling into the wood to play once more

Winter Tears

Winter tears melting from an icy sky
New life from tender roots in swollen earth
Your beating heart like sunshine soothes my soul
Clasped warmly within my lonely grasp, sure
In our rested, Faith trembles unadorned
should forgiveness release this troubled mind
Begging sight, an apparition of grace
A wounded eagle, majestic her rise
Unanswered prayers splayed across waters stilled
Seeking peace in our desire for glory
With willing breaths, we sacrifice ourselves
Lambs in this beautiful, untold story

Aprons Worn

Little circles like aprons worn
Bastard children curly locks shorn
Unrequited normalcy born
God damned, to each his own
Pretty pictures printed bright red
Lies unspoken, our truths unsaid
What I’ve built inside me now dead
Living for what I now regret
Withered fragile like puzzled pieces
Following sightless His lost sheep
Wondering whether I believe
Praying for this life, on my knees
Seek the ordinary profound
Perfection in our glory bound
Withstanding naught until we’re found
This circle it moves round and round

Why is Ordinary

Why is ordinary
Making nothing out of
nothing, yet what matters
There are no rules
Still I demand you see
Taking what I believe
To the street like a salve
Making me more than what I
am to my parents and
To those beyond my reach
I am but a picture
of a girl who is in need
Nothing special you see
Someone maybe perhaps
Who matters more than me
Little girl in your world
Do what you need to do
Make me a choice, someone
Who needs more than a voice
Someone who stands tall and
delivers more than she
Will ever and could be
Listen will you please, hear
me. Every word promised
guised in disbelief like
diamonds raw, uncut and
wanting release – I’m free
Let me be, free. Savior
let me be who I need

Empty Pockets

Like scattered seeds across a prairie red
Broken soil quenching for droplets of rain
Every root struggling to reach for the sun
Pressed palms upon a window to the sky
Forging rivers, the dry earth flush with pain
Swollen breaths floating wishes like pennies
tossed into a well her watery depths
Straining for a glimpse of something better
Settling dust collected from drying souls
Scoring every ounce of her painted flesh
Emptied pockets, breadcrumbs to guide her home
Darkest the hour, trembling hands wanting
some light so that she might see butterflies
Daisies sprouted finding life and beauty
Weighted with mortar stone still she will sing

Orphaned Winds

Looking for salvation
Perhaps a little hope
I now kneel before you
For what I do not know
Keep your rivers flowing
Your iron mills afloat
Tell me your sad stories
Excuses you leave me none
Fabled stones come tumbling
Of a time long ago
Ain't no peace in this game
You are not the only one
I no longer feel you
Your heart apart from mine
Adrift in azure seas
To stand with me in time
Orphaned winds like flowers
Petals weep in bright light
New blossoms they will grow
Wanting not what is mine
Sometimes I do wonder
This life I thought my own
Did I ever matter
I ended long ago
Was I ever really?
Someone you knew at all
Was I something special
Or someone all alone

Windows and Walls

In this box of windows and walls
A glimpse of sun set in plaster
No earthen soul beneath my feet
Barren is this ever after
Empty canvas this life inside
Seeping poison into the ground
You keep me, and I lose myself
Wishing and wanting to be found
Steps that lead us going nowhere
These little houses row by row
Lost the world that came before us
Wanting only a place to go
A tiny hillside rests my body
This wooden box will take me home
Leaving here what never mattered
No windows and walls where I roam

Take My Senses

If I close my eyes your picture,
Painted like still frames in my mind
A kiss forlorn it weeps wanting
These hands no longer keeping time
Shall this voice tremble, reaching for
Whatever grace left him unmoored
Pieces unfitted still they work
Never seeking truth from death's door
Take my senses lest I falter
Tripping graves like skipping a stone
Across blue waters baptizing
Pray the angels will bring me home

Solitary Star

I wish upon that star
Like unrequited love
Seeking a miracle
These bright, heavenly Gods
Weightless flight of fancy
Coursing through worlds unknown
Wanting fate to fuel truth
Pander this soul, solemn
With withered longing my
Hope persists waging all
This solitary star