Monday, June 4, 2018


God damned I am angry
Won't you please let me shout
Every word corrected 
Carefully protracted
It's animalistic
Please tell me what the fuck
I may not be perfect
Not all my t's are crossed
My blood is ruby red
And my heart is pure gold
Judge me by my cover
Do so at your peril
This girl
Her world
Ain't big
For you
Walk by me and pretend
That I do not matter
Shut me down, ignore me
Rise up dear mad hatter
Fetch me my crazy stick
So I can keep walking
You got nothing to say?
Ain't no ever after
Foul mouthed
I dream of glory
It's your dime, my story
I will return. This town
All the bullshit. I own
Small town girl makes it big
Full time job and she's clean
You are not enough
Less than
Never equal to
Why do you exist
This mirror is a picture
Of someone I once knew
She is lost at what cost
She was all that she lost
And has lost all of you
Sad girl she is broken
But fuck who really cares
Her mom in lala land
Her dad? Let's leave it there
The end
Is here
This time
My tears

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