Monday, June 4, 2018

Mass Grave

Bury me in a mass grave
Lay me straight, dirt on my face
Crumpled bodies fill the space
Noone cares faceless disgraced
Paint by numbers lovely girl
Flowers, sunshine. Rule this world
Rocks and cement make my tomb
Gravesite marker. Ain't no fool
Let's dance under the moonlight
And hold hands beneath the stars
No magic moondust makes us
More or less than who we are
Strip my body free of life
I don't want to see or breathe
If I matter visit me
Take this moment will you please
Stop. Tell me do you believe?
Will you come. Will you mourn me?
Little girl you are naive
A princess in her tower
Christ will you just let her be
Weep your tears but let her sleep
Wandering sheep, let her bleat
Stray the strong and stay the weak
From your flock, finally free

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