Friday, June 29, 2018


Collaboration with Steven Fortune

Plunder my confessions at your own risk
Skim my contradictions in a context
Should a supposition bloom in my
aquatic garden of enigmas
be aware I never learned to swim
for current trepidation stays me at the mouth

The evolution of any distance
Martyred vignettes fixed in sublime rewind
Still the vapid and lingering malcontent, rooted neath’ the lift of wings
blessed the mercy who claims my breath
forever wistful in the pursuit of her grace

Tongueless confessions sprout stigmatic ulcers on my being
A vow of silence holding out for severance
Vilified discretions tether me to the consensus
Rapid dream movement has defiled mathmatical refuge
All is abstract on the internal road map
of autonomous affiliations

Chaste the blood let from stones cast in honor
Blistered my hands in feverish prayer
Stray the sheet from his righteous flock, illicit into the Sun I proclaim
free is the destiny I’ve chosen
for the memories of those I have left behind


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