Friday, June 29, 2018

Let's Do Happy

Let’s do happy
For just one day
A day without
Regrets and pain
So long remorse
Wish you could stay
The other cheek
Must turn away
Let us try love
Life would be so
If we all shine
Equally fine
Be united
In excitement
One race only
The human kind
Let our tears be
Of simple joy
And sorrow free
Let’s take a ride
Test this theory
Sadness is banned
Now. Forever
Can you feel it?
Deep inside
Blossoming in
Both you and I
Sister, Brother
Let’s raise our voice
Praise His word and
We shall rejoice
Pump our fists and
Rally the night
Let’s do happy
Give it a try
Perhaps with luck
In time it sticks
Always happy
This life of mine


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