Friday, June 29, 2018

Of Sages and Kings

Of sages and king
With faith I do bring
Fast waters, still like
Spill forth liquid hope
Addiction to coke
Falsified denied
Extreme let me in
There is no counting
A Bishop she plays
And make no mistake
King cowers in place
Precious forever
Lost to this tower
Girl you need to be
What I need you see
A Queen without me
If I let you down
Let tumble my crown
Pretence is my frown
Yet still I always
Firmly want only
For you to just be
And see me for me
A girl on her knees
Please pray for my sins
A dollar offered
Lowly my coffers
A whore no matter
Not what I'm after
This girl is undone
Unworthy the one
Seek the setting Sun
With such
And let exhausted
Be unexamined
Me bequeathed
See beneath
Who I could not be
My eternity

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