Thursday, March 15, 2018


I have many fears
Scant dare I to breathe
Prisoner I am chained
For want they do lead

White girl privilege
Daddy’s little girl
All-inclusive life
Puppet in his world

Victim of nothing
Fancy is her name
Every move she makes
Predestined this game

Riches, spoils many
Free me from these chains
Every freedom gained
Heavy her soul paid

False idols she’s fed
Promised life in death
Pawns moving slowly
Punished for dissent

White canvas I snort
Wispy plumes of smoke
Hazy my release
Ordinary hope

Masters of my day
Pills to help me sleep
This life lived their way
Riddled with deceit

Rich bitches
Poor bastards
This dastardly
Only shatters
Their deception
Life perfection
Poor human fools
Obey their rules

First world luxury
It pretends to be
a democracy,
yet told who to be

Canada, my home
Blaze this native land
Free my voice to shout
Decry your command


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