Friday, March 16, 2018

This Land

Suffer the children
Disabled and weak
Our Veterans who
Traded valor for
Freedoms we seek
The aged –
For lands once they toiled
Land of plenty
Your sacrifice
Your rewards, payment
In spades
Grand majesty
Her people free
Our voices strong
Hidden, unseen
No one’s burden
This middle class
All I believe
Lies fed to me
Steal my money
A little tease
If you, please
Fake sympathy
A tell and show
To get my vote
And nothing more
Milling our streets
Feed the hungry
Giving dollars
Lands overseas
Room and shelter
Dear Refugees
Our own fallen
Never we see
Mighty our roar
Fists pumped in air
Thousands living
Who cares
There’s a system
To protect them
Tax dollars pay
Keep them contained
No way to sustain
A rich man’s game
Food banks
Food stamps
A good freeze - we
Stack and pack them
Old Armory
Good deed is done
Now go away
How can this be
Boastful, esteemed
Monkey sees
Only what
She wants
And needs
Not my country
The blind must not
Cannot, still they
Do lead


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