Wednesday, March 14, 2018


A perfect little white girl
In her perfect little life
A suburban Queen
Made of plasticine
Molded and unbreakable
Outward she’s unshakeable
But inside she is screaming
Longing for who she’s missing

Feed the machine
Tell her to think
When to breathe
Potion to drink
You scream at her
Tell her she’s weak
Close your eyes
and try to sleep
She takes these pills
Thief of her dreams
Still this nightmare
All consuming

Uprooted when you left me
Deep beneath my self-esteem
Ripped apart my world
Precious daddy’s girl
A porcelain shell remained
I was empty, just a name
This new game I had to play
No anchor to keep me sane

Always plastic
Phony her smile
Pretense motions
Fake emotions
Nobody’s child
Inside she cries
Substance abuse
To help her through
Wondering if
He struggles too
Cannot connect
Shuns and rejects

Alas the Great Pretender
She keeps the madness tethered
It wants to be freed
Release the wild beast
and make these chains unbinding
Free the girl I used to be
For she who stands before me
Is a girl I’ve never seen

Unleashed crazy
Settle a score
You misuse me
And abuse me
I take it and
Ask you for more
Sad girl. Bad girl
Upside down world
Never mattered
Mind fucked, shattered
Worried that you
Will leave me too


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