Thursday, February 1, 2018

Simple Wish

A penny wish into a fountain
A simple prayer upon bended knee
A little note inside a bottle
Sending all my Faith direct to thee

Hope is ignited in gentle waves
Beaming bright wishes to light my day
Struggles want for happily-after’s
Looking for your Word to lead the way

Doubt can cloud the Path we choose to walk
Like a beacon, strong and pure His light
I have faltered when life caused me pain
An iron will give strength to those blind

Her trembling hand holds tightly to mine
With whispered prayers, frantic to hold on
I fear that my wish has lost track of time
Dear God I know soon she will be gone

A penny wish
A desire to
Keep what is mine
Hold fast and true
My angel gone
To you is found
The bottle’s note
Washed onto ground
Love stays to weep
As you do sleep
Not mine to keep
His flock. His sheep


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