Saturday, February 10, 2018

King & Queen of My Heart

Collaboration effort with Chris Young - 

My dearest love,

The man behind the crown
An ordinary man
For whom my heart tolls loud
For him I breathe
My every need
He completes me
This man mere flesh and bone
Extraordinary love
Beats strong his heart, his soul
I desire
Consumed with fire
Soaring higher
In two we join as one
My heart forever won
This girl, inside, undone

Queen of my heart,

You sit beside me on your throne.
I think of those days all alone.
I met you in the moonlight dance.
The smile, the eyes, the welcoming glance.
Had to have you by my side, my royal bride.
Falter not, head held high, loving pride.
Our people love you, they fall at your feet.
I know you better, their actions I repeat.


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