Thursday, February 8, 2018


There are no sounds
But for my breath
Erratic beat
There is no light
To shine on me
I am unseen
A crowded room
I’m imploding
Quell his roar
Evil doer
I feel the panic
I just let it ride
Enraged beast
Inside me
Alone I stand
Right beside you
You see through me
I feel my breath
My palms begin
To sweat
My face it glows
Gasping for air
Can’t breathe
Oddity. You stare
Help me
My tongue swallowed
No words do come
I am buried deep
Fear engulfs me
Won’t let me speak
Darkness consuming
There is no warning
Mercy please
Still he feeds
Mental illness
Hidden disease
What you can’t see
Can still be real
Still you fear me
Imprisoned my mind
A fight to the death
Final act
Fade to black

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