Friday, November 24, 2017


Quiet art of nature.
Earth’s canvas on display.
Vibrant emerald fields.
Soaring to greet this Day.
Whispering blades of grass.
Sprouted, begetting new.
Earthen volcanic rock.
Guiding the ocean’s view.
The fallen wings of angels.
Lay barren autumn’s gifts.
Branches reaching Heavenward.
For Winter’s winds are swift.
Snow-crested hillside peaks.
Their crowning heads of white.
Shedding their Golden robes.
To rest the weary night.
The Moon lays us gently.
Til Dawn does bring her light.
A quivering feather fallen.
As Eagle starts his flight.
This wondrous World we see.
Her pleasures of sight rife.
We must ne’er take for granted.
Phenomenon of Life.

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