Saturday, November 18, 2017

Making Sense

Her ivory face
Who you see is who
She isn't really
A facade
Someone fake
Did you choose me to

Be naked with you?
Show the girl beneath
Forever bequeathed.
In dance we are free.
All I wanted to be.
He shows me myself.
Takes me from this shelf.
In me he trembles.
I'm all of his fears.
Those are my tears
Wet on his face

My soul acoustic
For him I will sing
He brings. Me to him.
His hand holding mine

I'm not
Your daughter
Your whore
You get me
You alone
You have me
In pleasure
I'm stone
You see what I show
All of me and more
This is the version
Of truth you deserve

Decorate me
Celebrate me
And put me on
A pedestal
None of its real
You beast

Hurt me
Make me weep
Tell me why
Tell the truth
Let's not sleep
It's my Heaven
And it's my Hell
From this I
Cannot dwell
So she fell

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