Tuesday, November 28, 2017


I would give you the moon and stars, all of me
Love unrequited yet fatally stricken
Strange my heart care not for reason or that I
Lay here broken, it refuses to listen

With every smile, I paint upon my face
Feigning indifference, this game that is played.
Plastic happiness, fed toxins to keep me
Free from this hurt and feeling something. Clich├ęd.

This mask never slips, perfectly it is perched
An artist’s rendering hung for all to see
In a field of petals and grasses green she prays
Her suffering, torment – ugliness unseen

Faith yields His mighty shield to soothe and comfort
As the willow, she leans with the Wind but stays
This beating Heart knows the depths of her despair
Evil Love, this unfortunate game we praise


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