Wednesday, July 17, 2019

If a picture tells a story

If a picture tells a story
My face is a magazine
A wonder of love and beauty
I wonder why you judge me
Like a mirror you claim to see me
A reflection of my parts
Rivers troubled run quite deeply
Revealing what you cannot see
Beneath the shallow lies the heart
False the truth from surface skims
Skin deep my painted lips betray
Unearthed treasure, piece of art
Do you see me for who I am
A girl with so much to give
Waxen glory of lipstick rouge
I am my mother’s child be damned
Give me ordinary will you
I ask naught for any less
Strength breathes in conviction screaming
Granted less and seeking truth
If my portrait tells a story
A journey to a new world
Where inside is outside granted
A chance to be more than weary

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