Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Beauty Queen

Bump-in, it ain’t pretty
For a dollar fifty
I’d get wasted with ya
So your feeling nada
You be doin tracks
While I’m on my back
Skipping stones to George Jones
Homecoming Queen in a magazine
She is empty, made of plasticine
Alone, ain’t got no home
Giving what is mine
For only a dime
Redemption is a whore
Red lipstick nothin more
She used to be someone’s little girl
Her paper dolls in a grownup world
Preaching wisdom, bible thumper
Empty vessel you can’t save her
Telling lies with those eyes
Feeling fine, dead inside
Just a little fix
Scoring one more hit
Rainbows and lullabies
Paint over concrete skies
Floating high, far away from her life
Beauty Queen, living a dream, can’t fly

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