Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Staring into a blackened sky
Moonlit trails across her breast
Waiting for him to fill her mind
Yearning and longing, repentance
Languished heart, lay dormant in wait
Silken fingers caress her soul
Faded your smile begins to wane
Reaching for you to keep her whole
Faintly she moans to quell desire
Softly arching she screams his name
Rushing waters to drown her fire
Bewitching is this game we play
Salted whispers in desperate plea
Haunted, she craves his scorching flesh
Pressed upon her, writhing in heat
Beneath a lover’s moon she rests
Staring into a blackened sky
Lingering shadows in moonlight
Forbidden fruit, bearing sweet wine
Sinful temptress, impure the night

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