Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Sometimes I listen

Sometimes I listen for the world knows its way
The rush of the willow in a summers breeze
A quiet moon treads lightly in the night sky
Can you hear the whisper piercing through the night
Wishes borne of kisses, magic fairy dust
Wilted leaves weighted in rains of swollen seas
Masked truth and beauty felled by the city sky
Seek what lay broken, beneath my heavy step
Quickened breaths soothe my weary soul when I weep
Sell the golden egg to the highest bidder
Wrath beats the whore within an inch of her life
Quell her fevered brow, fraught is the forsaken
Missed is the mother who lay still in her grave
March forward into darkness, forgive me, pray
Rest tired mind for I know not what I say

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