Friday, June 29, 2018

Half Empty

Half empty girl running scared
Seeks redemption past unknown
Tremble with earnest untried
Undiscovered, realized

Faint of heart a broken soul
Waters cold are drowning her
Carried greed on these false wings
All she asks emptiness brings

Wishes for dollars she plies
An innocence worn unscathed
Lost is her beauty inside
Girl unspoken, girl denied

Demand a marker for truth
Spilling blood for your worthy
Create distance unexplored
Girl is nothing but a whore

Seeking redemption, I am
I am better than most men
Still your pardon I demand
Girl lost in life’s Neverland

Steal me and plunder
Create your thunder
Eruption of your
Pollution. Keep it
Simple and give me
All I am asking

Dear girl you are a lost cause
Gentle heart you failed to ignore
Life warnings that have expired
All you are asking denied

Gone. Undone. Broken
I am but a token
Mother has left me
Father is unknown
I will never be free

Pray for me


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