Sunday, May 13, 2018

Moon Musings

“Moon Musings”
‘The Two Mavericks’
Our moon is an inexplicable orb to be sure
Silent and satisfied ever so pallid and pure.
One side watches over us the other demure
This silvery sentinel with all its cryptic allure
Blue moon you do so tremble
Wishing for hugs and kisses
With pale eyes you gaze upon
This darkness that has fallen
Night’s obsidian shroud reveals your power
Your alabaster facade in the midnight hour
Your so subtle revolutions barely noticeable
Make your intrepid presence 'quite' indelible
Soliloquy of sorrow neath a pale blue moon
Set the Sun to darken let wallow I, in gloom
Caress the winds like silk upon my downcast face...
Somber is my mourning shallow filled is my grace
Imprisoned, inspired by her gentle beauty
Lush, her light tenders mercy to the fallen sky
Like grains of sand sifting through my fingers softly
Gentle rose she wilts drawing shelter from your night
Primal like the Wolf baleful moans and lusty breaths
Striking fear, my heart in simple shadows does rest
Quietly she rises gloriously to claim
Savage she ravages sanity from the sane
While in the end, and end of time and times
You are up there beyond ‘all’ poetic rhymes
There are 'other' moons in circumnavigation
Many planets have moons within gravitation
But you are one of a kind and will always be
Oh azure moon I do thank the Lord for thee!
_ End _

*A collaboration with fellow Poet - Doug Donnan

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