Sunday, May 13, 2018


Hey, I just want to say
Pick me, choose me, okay
I may not be who you
Need while I seek my truth
A soul hungers unfed
Seriously I want
To be dead
I regret
Wish unsaid
Give me a second chance
I will wait for romance
Can you at least pretend
You want more
Than a whore
I am educated
Don't want complicated
You are overrated
If you doubt
Figure out
What you need
Today if you would please
While I am on my knees
Perhaps this is the end
Of our little story
If there is anymore
Scraps of us on the floor
Pity morsels you give
Easy pieces devoid
Of meaning or of life
Hanging by a single
Thread. On this I rely
All my senses tingle
The shop bell rings out loud
Last one out one last time
Undressed angel on high
This her final goodnight

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