Tuesday, May 1, 2018

In my room

In my room
Four by eight
I self-built
No one in
No one out
Filled with doubt
Sleep is lost
Keep me in
Keep you out
Like a cage
Holds me tight
Hear her sing
Songbird's flight
Tiny room
Fills my brain
Free from harm
Free from pain
Plain white walls
Fence me in
No laughter
Only screams
Void of joy
Filled with shame
Secrets kept
Hidden blame
Poor lost girl
Not a game
Say her name
For God's sake
Keep her sane
Shout at her
And love her
Like a code
Can't fix her
Feed her walls
Suck gladness
Look behind
Her bright eyes
Tired smile
Unhappy breeds
Please don't leave
Stay awhile
I love you
And need you
This poor fool
Of a girl
You now are
Her whole world

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