Thursday, May 24, 2018


I dance like I breathe
All pieces of me
In motion are free
Across this old floor
Where I can just be
Alive and dreaming
Never settling
Always wanting more
A dance so intense
I escape my chest
My heart beats so fast
I fly soaring high
On wings sung in rhyme
Darling girl this day
Breaks the dawn to be
A waltz danced in time
Purity we are
Living in this world
Singing our own song
Music in my head
Searching for lyrics
Dear Sir will you play
A sad song for me
Happy melodies
To forget the blues
I will put on these shoes
And I will dance for you
Come join I promise
Words are the music
Music is the Sun
Freedom as easy
Letting your body
Move in time to rhyme
I am somebody
In dance every time

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