Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Charged I create
Pen to paper
Weeping plot
I illustrate
A voice heard 
Truth in word
Sing in cursive
With breath, relive
In flight, does soar
In anger, roar
Dripping ink
Seeking more
To rejoice
To whisper, shout
Strike peace, rage war
To make real
What is fiction
What’s not believed
So, quell the beast
Capture the thief
Tempt the free 
Inspire dreams
To command
Every score
Of this prose
Make maudlin
Be morose
Etched to stir
A life unfurled
Give life 
Give limb
Kill, on whim
Hail the Creator
Wielding his pen
Mighty his sword
The written word
Reveled glory
Is my story


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