Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Duel Mirrors

Can we fix the souls that we break,
Glue together the hearts we take,
Trust in self and still we shake,
Wash away everything fake?
Fighting behind enemy lines,
The enemy is you, your mind,
No lights, walking blind,
If we allow it in can we find?
What reflection lies in the Duel Mirrors?
Love, seduction, and pause.
Duality never breaks, the system aches,
Knocking now let it in or give pause
Relentless it beckons you
With false armor, claims her truth
Inside falsehood pursues
Hungrily devouring your youth
Is what we see, what we make?
Our reality, our choice
Is it giving, if we take
In the looking glass rejoice
With eyes, unseen, thief of light
Feverish soul, creature delights
Wanton, this relentless night
Yielding to dark, stoic in flight
Vain this shadow swathed in sin
This likeness a mere portrait
Is it real or imagined?
An image cast, less than perfect

Collaboration with Thomas Spychalski

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