Sunday, December 31, 2017

Spare Change

Just a quarter
All I’m after
And ask you for
My hands are dirty
And some unsteady
I need a drink
This last cigarette
No coin for rent
My mind’s a labyrinth
Led by addiction
To my extinction
None of it fiction
My story of
Loss and of woe
Beneath the soot
An average Joe
Without a home
I’m not a crook
Just down on luck
Given a chance
You’d see romance
In my old soul
An eye that twinkled
A heart not fickle
Searching forever
My pot of gold
In dreams so pure
Once was I sure
Top of the world
In a few blinks
Brought to the brink of disaster
Society’s cage
I’m so filled with rage
And left to implore
Buddy can you spare some change


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