Friday, December 29, 2017


Once upon a time
In a fairy tale
Fuck what’s right
Do what you must
Who are they
Slavery’s a bust
Have sex
Smoke weed
Lie and cheat
Until you’re beat
Pump gas
Screw Mass
Pump your fist
Losers beware
I don’t scare
I ain’t sharing
Or retaliating
But this girls normal
Is under duress
I’m a mess
But who gives a damn
My life ain’t got glam
I am who I am
I’ll live this life
I won’t think twice
Done with being-nice
Need me a Daddy
Who got lots of money
I’ll be his honey
I’m a wannabe
So damned tired
My brain wired
I desire
What ain’t free
My last hope
Going for broke
Still want me?


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