Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Who is this girl you see now?

So many faces
All the words she wrote
Picking up the pieces
A puzzle of what used to be
If she knew who she was
Maybe she could be
Underneath skin and bones
Something you haven't seen
Would you recognize
Know her hopes and dreams
If it all lay buried beneath
A grave of banished
Neath the stones where my mother weeps
Lay the weight of our unseen
Chameleon pretending
Is there anyone who believes
In this girl washed in grief
Her bloody bandages
Tell me I am pretty
How proud you are of me
The woman I've become
Since you left me
How do I move on
When I feel so
Can I tell you a story
From so long ago
Once I was rooted
Once I could fly
Gone is the tide
Oh how time passes us

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