Tuesday, May 4, 2021


Bent and tired. Her hands cupped. Fingers entwined. She wept. I lay draped across her knees. Whispering that it would be okay. Grasping what she couldn't see. It wouldn't.
Uprooted. Taking apart a lifetime. Putting pieces of her in boxes. Selling her treasures for nickels. He loaded his pickup truck with nary a backward glance. The old house was empty.
A withered mind frail. Black walls filled with memories she could no longer reach. Fighting for her stipend. Warrior princess her ill-fitting crown. Grieving her Father. Mourning what would never be the same.
Finding our way. Muddled rainbows. Leaning heavy on broken shoulders. Our disposable smiles. Pretending what we don't feel. So frightened. Holding her life in my hands cupped in prayer.
A slow awakening. Life renewed. Joy and light, once slayed the dragon. Raising our voices bright again with song. There is hope once more in her old eyes. Peace in our new normal. Queen of our hearts. Restored Faith.
Swift comes the night. Unsettled winds across old bones. Death rattled inside her. Slowly her mind released. She shouts out my name. Eyes unseeing. Reaching for my hand. A final breath. She wants only to go home.
O'er majestic mountains and warm seas a silky wind. She is free and her journey begins.

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