Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Beautifully Broken - A Collaboration

 A wonderful collaboration with my talented poetic friends - Lena Power & Senga Steel

Beautifully Broken?

I'd had enough when I was still a young child;
beautifully broken? I don't think so,
quite the opposite in fact.
There was nothing beautiful
in the way I was broken.
Broken is beautiful? I don't get that,
broken is broken, unless you can come back.
But then, a little chink of light
In all the blackness
Hope rescued me
And placed me down for
Mending, with all the other
Broken souls.
In the mirror I can see
Your faces like mine
Wanting to shine, be more
All our pieces together
Keeping us strong, wielding
Our broken like wings
Waiting to fly
All our broken like fire
In the sky.

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